Man Soaks His Legs in Dry Ice for 10 Hours to Fake Frostbite for Insurance Fraud

A couple of Taiwanese university students are being accused of faking frostbite injuries that eventually warranted a double amputation to defraud insurance companies.

Taiwan’s Criminal Investigation Bureau has accused a university student surnamed Chang of conspiring with a former high-school colleague named Liao to orchestrate a bizarre insurance fraud in January of last year. Evidence presented to prosecutors shows that in early January of last year, Chang took out policies covering disabilities, injuries, health, and travel safety from at least five insurers. On the night of January 26, both Chang and Liao rode their motorcycles through Taipei, to make it seem like one of them suffered frostbite because of the cold weather. In reality, the frostbite was self-inflicted and caused by a bucket of dry ice.

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Woman Loses $820,000 Injury Insurance Claim After Winning Christmas Tree Throwing Contest

A woman who had filed an insurance claim of $820,000 claiming that she had suffered debilitating injuries in a car accident has had her claim dismissed after it was proven that she won a Christmas tree-throwing contest a year after the accident.

On February 3, 2017, Kamila Grabska was involved in a car accident on her way to work in the Irish town of Ennis. The car she was a passenger in was rear-ended, which allegedly left her with debilitating physical trauma. The 36-year-old mother of two recently told insurance company RSA Insurance for damages, claiming that the chronic pain in her back, neck, and thoracic spine made her unable to work, which resulted in a loss of income of more than €500,000 ($542,000). She told a High Court in Limerick that her pain kept her in bed on bad days and prevented her from carrying relatively light loads, like bags of groceries. However, they didn’t stop her from participating in, and actually winning Christmas tree throwing contests.

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Man Allegedly Pays Someone to Cut Off His Legs for Insurance Fraud

A Missouri man allegedly tried to commit insurance fraud by paying someone to cut off both his legs and stage a tractor accident to cover it up.

The Howell County Sheriff’s Office recently investigated the most bizarre case in its history. In November of last year, a 60-year-old man from Willow Springs lost both his legs after allegedly suffering a brush hog accident. The brush hog is a rotary mower usually attached to tractors, and the man claimed to have had both legs accidentally cut off by one. However, there were a few holes in the man’s story. First of all, he had literally lost his legs, as in they were nowhere to be found, which was bizarre for this type of accident. Then there was the fact that the man’s wounds were too clean to have been caused by a brush hog. And finally, the man was a known paraplegic, which raised questions about how he had managed to find his way in the way of a tractor-operated brush hog.

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