Man Miraculously Survives Gunshot After Silver Necklace Stops Bullet

A Colorado man can consider himself extremely lucky to be alive after surviving a gunshot thanks to the silver necklace around his neck.

Last week, the Commerce City Police Department in Colorado posted photos of a bloodied metal necklace with a small piece of metal lodged in its links on its Facebook page. Apparently, it belonged to a local man who had been involved in a heated argument with another person and had been shot at. According to the viral post, the bullet would have pierced the victim’s neck if not for the silver chain around his neck, which turned what would have likely been a fatal gunshot wound into a minor puncture wound.

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World’s Luckiest Man Collects Thousands of Four-Leafed Clovers

Julio, a 30-year-old Swiss educator has an impressive collection of four, five, six and even seven-leafed clovers, which just might make him the world’s luckiest man.

Clovers with more than three leaves are considered lucky charms in many cultures, and if a person’s luck would be measured in the sheer number of such clovers in their possession, a Swiss collector of rare clovers would almost undoubtedly be the world’s luckiest man. 30-year-old Julio has been collecting lucky clovers since he was only nine, and has since amassed an enviable collection of 3,467 four, five, six and even seven-leafed clovers laminated to protect them from the elements.

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