Accidental Miracle – Placebo Treatment Restores Blind Woman’s Eyesight

An 80-year-old woman who had lost her eyesight over a decade ago due to glaucoma recently recovered her vision after being administered a placebo treatment for her chronic back pain.

One night, 12 years ago, Lynley Hood, an award-winning writer from Dunedin, in New Zealand, was reading a book when the vision in her left eye suddenly became blurry. She blamed it on tiredness and decided to turn in, but the next morning the blurriness in her eyesight had not gone away. She was soon diagnosed with a fairly rare form of glaucoma, and the doctor notified her that her condition would probably never improve and that it was now only a matter of keeping the condition from advancing. She eventually became legally blind, being unable to read and write due to her glaucoma, Then, over a decade later, an accidental miracle occurred, and Hood’s eyesight returned.

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