TikTok Plastic Surgeon Goes Viral for Uncanny Before-And-After Videos

A TikTok plastic surgeon known as ‘Dr Kim’ has gone viral for his uncanny before-and-after videos showcasing the radical transformation of his patients who are sometimes left looking unnatural.

Dr Kim’s TikTok page originally went viral last year, when people first noticed his weird before-and-after clips, but one of his videos recently attracted even more attention, making headlines all over the world and sparking a heated debate online. While many users of the popular video-sharing platform are convinced that Dr Kim is either one of the world’s worst plastic surgeons or that his account is some kind of joke, some believe that people’s perception is skewed by the short period of time between the before and after shots. Patients’ faces are not completely healed and they often still have bruises or are visibly swollen, but that’s how Dr Kim chooses to share their transformation.

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