Luxury Singapore Skyscraper Allows Residents to Park their Cars in the Balcony

Hamilton Scotts, a high-class apartment condominium in Singapore, is offering its residents the ultimate luxury in terms of parking – an individual two-car garage located inside each apartment! A glass wall separates the garage from the living room, offering a lovely view of their expensive cars from the couch.

The system is quite simple – when residents enter the building, they need to park their cars inside a glass elevator shaft. The elevator then raises the vehicle up to the corresponding condo and parks it within a glass enclosure that is visible from the living room.

Although the Hamilton Scotts condo numbers 30 floors and tens of thousands of square meters of living space, there just wasn’t enough to build a multi-level parking for the residents. Faced with this challenge, the team of architects and engineers in charge of development came up with something so much better.


“It’s not just a car park,” explained the CEO of real estate development firm KOP Properties. It is, indeed, an innovative way to use expensive cars as a part of home decor. The unique design enables supercar owners to showcase their prized possessions, instead of hiding them away in basement garages. Hamilton Scotts is the world’s first building to offer such an advanced system of parking.


Apart from the sky garages, the building will also offer other high-end features such as a gym, conference rooms, jacuzzis, and an outdoor pool. A single unit can cost anywhere between $9.4 million to $23.5 million. Renting an apartment doesn’t come cheap either, at a whopping $11,000 per month!





Photos: Hamilton Scotts Singapore