Chinese Businessmen Sprays Fire Extinguisher into His Mouth during Promotional Stunt

Chen Guangbiao, a high-profile Chinese millionaire and philanthropist, made headlines once again this week, after he sprayed liquid from a fire extinguisher into his mouth to show everyone that it’s non-toxic and completely safe. I’m pretty sure there’s a valuable PR lesson in there somewhere.

Chen Guangbiao, who you might now as the guy who sold canned fresh air last year, is no stranger to shocking PR stunts, but no one present  at his training center for disaster relief, in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, on Wednesday, expected him to go as far as spray fire extinguisher liquid into his mouth. Chen was there to promote some new equipment for disaster relief, when, in an attempt to show the advantages of his “green” fire extinguisher, he swallowed a hot curry and sprayed the small canister directly into his mouth to quell its burning effect. “Ok, it’s not the sort of thing fire extinguishers are made for, but it proves the point – that it is non-toxic and harmless,” Chen told reporters present on the scene.


Photo: China News Service / Yang Bo

Developed by Guangbiao’s company in Nanjing, this new type of fire extinguisher is apparently made of plant proteins, and while still as effective as conventional ones, it is completely non-toxic. The eccentric millionaire even boasted that the liquid can be used to wash the face and the mouth, as he elegantly demonstrated.


Photo: China News Service / Yang Bo

Chen’s stunt appears to have been very convincing, as one of the civilians in attendance at the promotional event said: “I gave it a go myself. It was not too bad, in fact it tasted a little herbal.”


Photo: China News Service / Yang Bo

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  • Illian Feels Posted on December 13, 2013

    People also drank DDT to show that it was safe.

  • disco Posted on December 13, 2013

    Anyone remember the guy… Who created leaded gas and his ridiculous PR stunts? Stunts designed to prove that leaded gas was completely safe, didn’t harm people or the environment, or make them go crazy? His stunts involved swishing gas around in his mouth, putting and washing his hands and face in the leaded petrol. His PR stunts definitively proved that his product was safe!

    Oh wait, he also died penniless and sick, dying from the product he endorsed for decades. Just because someone is pulls a ridiculous stunt to prove something is safe, doesn’t mean it is.

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