Guy Spends 9 Years Digging His Basement with Remote-Controlled Earthmovers

Who could have thought that videos showing tiny amounts of dirt being pushed around by remote-controlled earthmovers would receive nearly 3 million hits on YouTube? Unbelievable, but true. The videos are those of Canadian Joe Murray digging a basement in his home. He’s been doing so for the past 9 years.

Okay, so 9 years seems absolutely unnecessary to do something as simple as excavate a basement. But not where Murray lives. In Saskatchewan, Canada, winters get as harsh as -15C for several weeks. So what he did was convert the seemingly small job into a long-term hobby, by using small tools. Murray works as a farmer of grains and cattle by day. Toying around with the basement is what he describes as his “escape from everyday realities.” Just take a look at the videos and you’ll realize how much fun he’s having with his little remote-controlled toys. The plus side is that his house gets a new basement. In a few more years, of course. After all, the excavators shift only about three cubic meters of soil every year.

When Murray started his project, he worked hands-on. He first worked a pickaxe on the east wall, and later used the air chisel hammer to remove dirt and dust. Next came the R/C earthmovers, after which all he needed were coordination skills to be able to dig dirt. According to Murray, he’s got great dexterity in both hand and eye coordination. “I can mental picture several different scenarios of how to best tackle a project, make a better plan for success lessening the chance of a costly failure.” Some of the skills he’s picked up have helped him in farming too.


The basement will be ready soon, and Murray has no intentions of stopping after that. Next he wants to give the barn a makeover, and dig a pond in there as well. Looks like he’s got plans to keep himself busy for the next decade or so.


via Herald Sun

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