Man Takes-On Ridiculously Long Name, Simply Because He Could

Barnaby Marmaduke Aloysius Benjy Cobweb Dartagnan Egbert Felix Gaspar Humbert Ignatius Jayden Kasper Leroy Maximilian Neddy Obiajulu Pepin Quilliam Rosencrantz Sexton Teddy Upwood Vivatma Wayland Xylon Yardley Zachary Usansky – this is the soon-to-be world’s longest name, 197-letters-long.

36-year-old Barnaby Usansky, an unemployed Brit from Edinburgh, Scotland, says he has always been fascinated with words and old traditional names, and since the law doesn’t forbid it, he decided to take on all his favorite names. One of which, believe it or not, is Marmaduke. But his attention-grabbing scheme failed to impress most of his friends and acquaintances, who insist on calling him by his old name, Nick. “Everybody ignores my new name. They insist on calling me Nick, which isn’t one of my names any more.” states Barnaby.

Photo via The Sun

Barnaby Marmaduke Usansky first had the idea of a name change, eight years ago, when he decided to run it by his father, Stefan. As you’d expect, he called Barnaby a “bloody idiot”, but gave him his blessing as long as he kept his surname. Stefan died two years ago and left his son some money, which he decided to spend on the much desired name change. Barnaby was thinking of saving the name Marmaduke for his son, but seeing he was 36 and still single, decided to get it himself, for fear of letting it go to waste.

Just 10weeks after he changed his name to simply Barnaby Marmaduke Usansky, he felt like he hadn’t done enough, s he added 26 other middle names, one for each letter in the alphabet. But Usansky is planning to stop here. Considering he’s only required to fill out a deed poll online, and pay a small tax, he sees no point in having a ridiculously long name, when he could have the longest name in the world. I almost see the logic in that, almost.

Photo via SWNS

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