Australian Psychic Claims That She Can Smell Imminent Death on People

Ari Kala, a 24-year-old psychic from New South Wales, Australia, claims to have a very unusual clairvoyant  gift – she can tell if people are about to die just by taking a whiff of them.

The self-described ‘psychic coach’ apparently discovered her unique talent when she was just 12 years old, while visiting her terminally-ill uncle. She recalls picking up an odd smell in his house the night before he died and thinking it was his remains. However nobody else could smell it, and Kala says that the “odd, sickly sweet rotten kind of smell” turned out to be that of imminent death, which she would detect countless times throughout her life, especially among people with terminal diseases and the elderly.

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“The year before I started high school I visited my uncle to be with him as he died. The night before his death I picked up this this odd, sickly sweet rotten kind of smell in the house.I thought it was the smell of his remains as I had never smelled that before. But no one else could smell it. I realised later it was the frequency of death I could smell,” Ari Kala recently told Caters Clips. “Since then, I’ve experienced the same thing around people with terminal diseases or the very elderly – too many times to count.”

Being able to predict death is not only macabre, but also pretty much useless, at least according to the 24-year-old psychic. She claims that by the time she is able to smell death on them, these people are beyond help, so telling them that they’re going to die doesn’t make much sense.

“Sometimes it feels like a burden. I used to want to say something, however I realized it’s not my duty,” Kala said. “It’s kind of useless – how could it help anyone? How I can walk up to strangers with this smell and help them? What if they don’t know they are going to die soon? If I told them that and they weren’t aware, it could be catastrophic. I don’t see how it’s up to me to interfere with their fate.”


For this reason, the young psychic decided not to focus on her ability too much, opting instead to teach young women how to put their own psychic ability to good use. She claims that everyone has access to psychic abilities, but they are usually suppressed during childhood. She too switched off some of her abilities as a child, after being ostracised, and had to work hard to activate them again. Now she wants to help others do the same.

“As a child I could read people’s emotions and always dreamed about things that came true,” the young woman said. “People didn’t like it, and as I grew more fearful of being judged I switched these abilities off.”

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