Japanese Toilet Company Creates Poop-Powered Bike

The Toilet Bike Neo is a toilet-bike hybrid that runs entirely on biogas (human poop). It was created by TOTO, Japan’s biggest toilet manufacturer as part of a campaign to reduce CO2 emissions in toilets by 50% until 2017.

Believe it or not, we may have been looking for alternatives to fossil fuels in all the wrong places. Making biodiesel, harnessing the power of the sun, even using electrical batteries sounds way to complicated when apparently all we need to do to power our vehicles is answer the call of nature. Japanese toilet company TOTO has been working on a poop-powered tricycle called Toilet Bike Neo that actually has a toilet for a seat and runs only on human feces. The technology used to convert waste into fuel for the bike hasn’t yet been made public, but details are slowly emerging on the company’s blog.

Photos of the Toilet Bike Neo have recently been published along with information about a 600-mile tour across Japan. The innovative poop-fueled vehicle will start its journey on October 6th, from the TOTO headquarters in Kitakyushu, stop in Nakatsu to pay homage to an ass-shaped boulder, then make its way to Kobe, Kyoto and finally Tokyo. Although this smells a little funny, you have to admit that if Toilet Bike Neo turns out to be for real, it could change the way we travel forever. No more having to go to the toilet BEFORE a trip, no more frequent stops on the road, and definitely no more paying for gas. Watch out Exxon, TOTO means business.

I wonder if spicy food gives you a speed boost…

Spoon Tamago via Tokyo Mango