Latest technology in automated agriculture

That’s right folks, if you were lucky enough to stumble across this article, you have the privilege of seeing the latest technology in automated agriculture at work. This invaluable tool comes all the way from Belarus, a country that apparently spares no effort when it comes to investing in new technology.

This revolutionary agricultural device is a state-of-the-art cucumber harvester that uses the newly discovered power of people on their bellies. That’s right, people sitting on their bellies being pulled by a tractor. It’s simple and effective and I for one can’t wait to get my hands on one, cucumber harvesting will never be the same again.

I wish I lived in Belarus (sigh).















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  • Jwong Posted on September 8, 2008

    Is this a joke?

  • Jase Posted on September 9, 2008

    I believe these are used for strawberries in the U.S., also.

  • Spudge_Boy Posted on September 9, 2008

    “That’s right, people sitting on their bellies being pulled by a tractor.”

    It has got to be uncomfortable sitting on their bellies all day. : )

  • johnny Posted on September 9, 2008

    you might think it’s a joke, but if you think about farmworkers having to bend over each time they want to pick a cucumber you can see that this is several orders of magnitude more efficient and easier on the human organism.

  • Riding Siberian Posted on September 9, 2008

    Some years ago a local IBM mainframe technician made a single person version of this from a disk drive frame (about 6 feet high). He cut it and welded on wheels and electric motors, and he would lay down and harvest his strawberries and other low lying crops. He did have some back problems and this was a lifesaver for him. Pretty fast, too.

  • SCott Posted on September 9, 2008

    Uhh. What exactly is new about this? Have you never been to a farm before?

  • Staffort Willock Posted on September 9, 2008

    I guess they dont have mexicans there. 4 mexicans will outproduce the 8 people you can fit on that thing. Im not being racists I am saying mexicans work hard!

  • Mike Posted on September 9, 2008

    Maybe I can bring my g/f

  • greg Posted on September 9, 2008

    They used machines like this back in the late forties and into the fifties here in Minnesota for pickle harvesting.

  • Gabriel Posted on September 12, 2008

    I’ve from a farms regions and I worked on these machines for 4 years, and it’s still being used today, 2008, there’s nothing new there, nor special, just a support allowing people to be comfortable to work (habitually by putting a pillow underneath ourselves).

    Location, Canada – Quebec

  • Luc Posted on September 12, 2008

    30 years ago, i was working on this machine to pick cucumber. This is realy old.

  • Luc Posted on September 12, 2008

    I’m from quebec, Canada. I think it is a joke. We use this platform 30 years ago.

  • ann Posted on November 26, 2008

    ahhh, pickle harvesting….nothing like a freshly harvested pickle.

  • Patente Posted on December 17, 2008

    We use this technique for over 40 years here in Canada. Sorry but not a Belarus invention. 20 years ago I work for some farm and we harvest pickle like that. Lying on a wood panel and dragging by a tractor. No invention for me.

  • Genesis Posted on January 16, 2009

    ahahahahah omg wtf! this is funny..i hope its a joke..i thought technology was about progressing?

  • bharat Posted on February 24, 2009

    ….but what abt farmers who do the business on a small scale as the case with me.i wont b able to afford the machine n also it seems to occupy a very large space.any alternative?

  • hanish Posted on June 10, 2009

    if everybody says it is old then i to i was making a project on mans contribution towards agriculture

  • Larry Posted on April 27, 2011

    It’s actually from a romanian comercial, the whole thing was meant as joke, the contraption itself doesnt exist.

  • loknadh Posted on February 21, 2012

    hai sir,,i am a farmer from india,,my father is a farmer..we grow tubacco here,,from my childhood he do the same process for cultivation,, today our worker are not at all doing this works,,so plese give the technical farming in our lands,,,,