Man Leaves Water On All Winter Creating Spectacular Frozen Waterfall

This amazing waterfall seen frozen on the side of a building in Jilin City, Eastern China, is the work of 58-year-old Wen Hsu, the only remaining resident, who left the tap on all winter to make sure his uninsulated pipes didn’t freeze.

If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if you left the water on for an entire winter, here’s the answer you’ve been waiting for – a giant frozen waterfall. The bizarre sight looks like an original work of art, but it was actually born from one man’s fear of being left without running water. 58-year-old Wen Hsu has been living in the same apartment building for the last 35 years. As was the case in many other cities around China, the property was recently scheduled for demolition, to make room for a new shopping center. Developers tried to settle the matter by offering apartment owners a sum of money so they could buy another home some place else, but Hsu says he refused their offer because it wasn’t enough to get a decent place, so even after all the neighbors moved out, he remained in his old apartment. The loneliness was hard enough to deal with, but this past winter he had a bigger problem to deal with. The cold temperatures threatened to freeze the water in the building unisulated pipes, leaving him without running water, and with no other choice than to leave. But he’s not one to give up easily, so he came up with a weird plan…


Photo: CEN

Because the water comes from underground, where temperatures are above freezing level, Wen figured leaving the tap on all the time would prevent the pipes from freezing. So he simply diverted the water to flow outside of his window on the seventh floor down the side of the building and left the hot water on the whole winter, which created the marvel you can see in these photos. Luckily for him, the giant frozen waterfall attracted the attention of international media as well as Jilin council officials, who have now urged developers to settle the problem of his relocation as soon as possible. Wen Hsu hopes he will receive a better offer, because the loneliness is starting to get to him. The weather is a bit warmer now, so there’s no danger of the pipes freezing anymore, but it’s going to take a while for his masterpiece to melt.


Photo: CEN


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