Man Sues Mother for Breaking Promise to Let Him Marry Her 8-Year-Old Daughter When She Came of Age

A heartbroken Taiwanese man is suing a teenage girl’s mother for breaking a promise she made 11 years ago. The man, a 32-year-old school teacher at the time, had fallen in love with his 8-year-old student. He became so obsessed that he managed to extricate a promise from the child’s mother that he could marry her when she came of age. Believing that the mother would keep her end of the deal, he spent several years supporting the girl’s family financially. And now that she hasn’t, he’s taking the family to court.

Over the years, the man has spent over 900,000 Taiwanese dollars (that’s about US $30,000) on the girl and her family. He completely covered her tuition and living expenses, and took her out on various occasions. He also paid off the mother’s outstanding debts. Some news reports also provided photographs in which the girl and the man appear to be quite close. It looks like he truly considered her to be his future wife (although they looked more like father-and-daughter). But nine years later, when the man checked the 17-year-old’s Facebook profile, he was in for a very rude shock.


The profile indicated that the girl had married someone else in 2011 and also had a child with him. The man was understandably enraged, and ended up taking the mother to court. Unfortunately, the case didn’t go in his favor. The judge ruled that the initial verbal contract between the man and the mother was against public morals. He declared the entire arrangement void from the beginning. The written contract that was presented in court was made in 2012, after the girl’s marriage, so it was rejected as evidence. The authenticity of the contract was also questioned since the mother doesn’t know how to read or write. The man is now trying to file for an appeal.


The whole story is so perverse that I can’t figure out who comes out looking worse – the man or the mother. I mean, what kind of guy falls in love with a child? And what kind of mother promises to marry her daughter to a grown man in exchange for money? Internet users have displayed extreme reactions, some blaming the mother more and others cursing the man. “Don’t you think the mother is terrible?” one commenter wrote. “Speaking as a woman, this guy must be a pervert! But I don’t think the mother’s right either,” wrote another.


Some people took a neutral stand on the issue: “I agree that the contract should be nullified, but they should give him the money back.” Others felt that if the man was good-looking, things might have turned out differently.

Source: Apple Daily via RocketNews24

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Feedback (4 Comments)

  • Evelina Posted on May 2, 2014

    I don’t think he should get his money back. He was stupid enough to give it away. Maybe the mother never told her daughter about the arrangement and took this guy for a ride, maybe the girl grew up thinking he was a relative. It sounds like the mom knew what she was doing.

  • Maria Alice Posted on May 6, 2014

    Este homem usou de má fé quando contratou um casamento com uma criança (tem problemas). A mãe aproveitou e deu o “conto do vigário” no homem. A moça parece que é normal pois logo procurou um rapaz compatível com ela. O mais prudente é o “homem” se fingir de morto, a senhora mãe se arrepender de sua ganância e pedir perdão a Deus, e a moça ser uma boa esposa com este atual até ele ser um bom esposo para ela, caso contrário, que arranje outro…

  • Alfred Posted on May 7, 2014

    I think the mother took him for all she could and had no intention of allowing the marriage take place. He really should have had a written agreement in place before he gave her the first dime. His mistake.
    Some men wouldn’t have tried to do the honorable thing and marry her. they would have just taken advantage of the girl and left her used on the roadside someplace.
    I respect his asking the mother permission first, and for keeping his conduct with her honorable at all times. He did not try to have sex with her, nor did he have any of the predatory contact that we read so much about. He was 32 now he is 43, she was 8 now she is 19. HE WAITED IN VAIN for this woman to honor an agreement she made. IF she had said no he would have most likely moved on. SHE LIED, not him.
    Momma pimped this girl out basically without her being used sexually by the John. Allowing them to go on dates and such without sexual contact. Who took the picture? Momma? most likely. She knew what she was doing and she should be forced to repay the money plus interest.

    You can’t help who you fall in love with, and momma knew this and played him by his heart. I have had grown women fall in love with my son and ask if they could take him out sometimes to movies and such as she just likes kids. I said no, my exwife said yes. After he got felt up by the woman it never happened again. IF she had said like this man did, I would of still said no, not alone, we would need to accompany you and him on every outing. But, I would have a lot more respect for her than I do now. She was in Lust not love.

  • Fire Nendodroid Posted on May 11, 2014

    In my opinion, i never agree this situation, people are free in love. you can’t buy it by money, The 43 year old guy loves her? Liar! he want her as a property, if he loves her for real, he will let her go and do’t try to get back the money.
    Furthermore, i hate arranged marriage. You should know that it the source for million tragedies. Both the mother and the man are wrong. I never marry the one i don’t love.