New Toilet Restaurant opens in China

One think I’ve never done is eat in the toilet, well it seems many people would love to do that and pay for it.

A new Toilet Restaurant has opened in Hangzhou, China as a result of the impact the first Toilet Restaurant, from Taipei, Taiwan had on the public. Now, the company is thinking of opening a whole network of Toilet Restaurants across the world and I’m pretty sure they are going to be successful.

Toilet Dining concept is about sitting on a toilet seat, serving your food from a toilet bowl or a bidet and wiping your mouth with toilet paper-looking napkins, practically everything you see around you has nothing to do with a real restaurant or kitchen, it’s all toilet-wear.

I wouldn’t try it, I’m sure my appetite wouldn’t be the same in that place, but tourists love this stuff, so Toilet Restaurant is a sure hit.





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  • emma Posted on July 3, 2008

    Yeah, this idea is real cute… up until someone actually USES one of these toilets as a joke.

  • RunningTop Posted on July 7, 2008

    Can’t you see only these young kids would find such environment conducive to dining? I would not be surprised if they are into scats subconsciously as I know many ‘modern’ Japanese girls are doing that these days among their ‘best friends’ in privacy! Hint: strawberries. Just my observation or am I too sensitive?

  • hdp Posted on July 7, 2008

    It makes sence as most Chinese food tastes like shit.

  • smandtux Posted on July 9, 2008

    Look there a lot of interesting and different ideas like this-it doesn’t mean people are sickos. You are loosely basing judgement on a small of majority of people who are into “scat” and then translating that bias to the whole of Japanese young people. I’d like to see your supporting evidence that “many modern Japanese girls” are doing this. I happen to know a couple hundred personally from travels and living there and that stuff makes them sick. Besides, who cares if anyone is into that stuff. Just don’t make generalized stereotypical statements that are biased and misleading unless you have some appropriate and reputable source to site.

  • Switters Posted on October 6, 2008

    This sums up the stupidity of the Chinese people. Barbarian spidermonkeys with filed down brains and no sense between their ears. Eating food out of mini toilets is the perfect imagery for the disgusting dirty people of China.

  • ann Posted on November 26, 2008

    it’s Japan.

  • ann Posted on November 26, 2008

    oops no it’s China.

  • Teri Posted on March 8, 2009

    Original and brilliant idea and everyone that posted above me wishes that they had thought of it.

  • no one important Posted on March 29, 2009

    haha I agree with hdp….most Chinese food does taste like shit

  • ko Posted on April 11, 2009

    you should have the toilet connect with water so customers can wash their hands there

  • claire Posted on April 20, 2009

    chinese food does not taste like shit…! It’s my favorite kind of food…and I’m not chinese. I think the restaurant it a funny idea.

  • No Posted on May 6, 2009

    stop hating.
    plus, everyone has their own opinion, so stop harassing food LMAO !
    i hate it most when people misjudge food when they’ve only had a couple of dishes. its like saying black people are all ghetto because you met one or two black people who are really ghetto.

  • twitty Posted on June 26, 2009

    i think it would be cool to try out! its really bad to judge as you dont even know how the food taste like! should have tried before making any bad comments!

  • cynthia Posted on July 3, 2009

    Shut the hell up, it’s obviously just for fun.

  • kata Posted on December 16, 2009

    Good improvement, as these days in china people are more busy, they can easily get in free deserts likewise live cockroaches and other insects