This Norwegian Princess Can Teach You How to Talk to Angels

A princess talking to angels – sounds like a chapter right out of a fairy-tale, doesn’t it? Turns out it isn’t. Real-life Norwegian Princess Martha Louise can not only converse with the unearthly beings, but also teach you how to do it. Last Thursday saw the release of her second book on the subject, with co-author Elisabeth Nordeng. The book called ‘The Secrets of Angels,’ is a sequel to the 2009 ‘Discover Your Guardian Angel.’

According to the two women, angels are real and they do exist just for us. In fact, the angels supposedly want to be in touch with us and help us, all we need to understand is how they operate and how they get in touch. Princess Martha Louise says that she realized her innate abilities to contact angels and read people’s inner feelings as a child. She is also trained in physical therapy and has always been interested in alternative forms of treatment.

Photo © Mona Nordøy

The 40-year-old Princess is the daughter of King Harald and Queen Sonja, and fourth in line to the Norwegian throne. However, she renounced her title of Princess Royal in order to further her spiritual pursuits. She went on to establish the Astarte Education Center along with Nordeng, where students are taught to “use angels and your own power to create miracles in your life.” The school mainly focuses on meditation and self-development. On their official website, Princess Martha Louise talks about something even stranger than conversing with angels – she actually learned to do it through horses! “It was through horses that I learned to communicate with animals, and it was while I worked with horses that I came in contact with the angels,” she says. Any takers? Oh come on, the courses are just $2,600 a year (taught only in Norwegian, though).

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