Pentagram-Stamped $666 Burger Is World’s Most Expensive

Just days after New York’s  Serendipity 3 restaurant claimed the Guinness Record for the world’s most expensive burger, with its $295 Le Burger Extravagant, another challenger appears. Presenting the Douche Burger, a $666 sinful delight.

After news of Serendipity 3’s burger being dubbed the world’s most expensive spread on the Internet, food blogs were almost immediately bombarded with emails about another calorie bomb that cost more than double the price of Le Burger Extravagant. That’s how the world discovered the Douch Burger, a product created by Franz Aliquo, owner of the 666 Burger food-truck. According to their Facebook page, this devilish delicacy “costs $666.00 and consists of a f*cking burger filled and topped with rich people sh*t. Kobe beef patty (wrapped in gold leaf), foie gras, caviar, lobster, truffles, imported aged Gruyére cheese (melted with champagne steam) kopi luwak BBQ sauce, and Himalayan rock salt. It may not taste good, but it will make you feel rich as f*ck. Douche.” Gothamist interviewed Aliquo, and discovered the burger is also wrapped in three $100 bills. “When you are done with it you’ll have three greasy hundred dollar bills and have to decide what to do with them. That’s why it is called the Douche Burger,” the original entrepreneur said.

Photo by Mackenzie Keegan

You might think the expensive creation of 666 Burger is an attempt to create the most delicious burger in the world, but you would be wrong. “The point is that putting all this crap on top of a burger doesn’t make it taste any better and it is contrary to the essence of a burger,” Franz Aliquo says. “It’s simple to pile a bunch of expensive stuff on a burger and charge a f*ckload for it … I have an unbridled disgust for these types of burgers and seething anger towards those that make them and try to sell them as something fancy and worthy of respect, when in essence, it’s just a chef/customer being a douchebag. Call a spade a spade.”

Photo: 666 Burger/Facebook

“F*ck You and your shitty $295 burger for poor people, Serendipity. $666. That’s a number the 1% can get behind.” This is the message $666 Burger posted on their Facebook page, and the high-class New York restaurant was quick to respond: They do not have a Guinness World Record, we have the world record,” said Joe Calderone, who handles the business’ public relations. “They may have something, but it’s not sanctioned as the most expensive by Guinness World Records.” But that might change very soon, as Aliquo plans to contact Guinness to make matters right.

Photo: 666 Burger/Facebook

Because the evil-looking 666 Burger food-truck has been in business for only a week, they haven’t yet sold any $666 Douche Burgers, but they’ve had plenty of inquiries.

via The Daily Meal

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