Qigong Master Generates Intense Heat from His Hands

Zhou Ting-Jue is an internationally renown Qigong, Tai Chi and Kung Fu grand master who has shocked the world with his abilities to generate extreme heat from his hands and stand on thin sheets of paper without falling through.

Master Zhou, also known as “The Jewel of China”, has been featured on a number of television programs such as Ripley’s Believe It or Not, That’s Incredible or Stan Lee’s Superhumans, and his amazing abilities have been studied and verified by various scientists for decades. For some time now, researchers have been presenting information about the benefits of practicing Qigong, but what Master Zhou is able to accomplish by channeling his inner Chi defies science and Western medicine. Not only is he able to generate heat close to boiling point through the palms of his hands, but this traditional healer says his Qigong treatments have the power to “dissolve tumors, heal severe, chronic injuries, as well as successfully treat “incurable” diseases.” People from all over the world seek his aid for a variety of conditions, and in the past he has used his powers to treat the Dalai Lama, members of the LA Lakers basketball team, Olympic athletes, celebrities and dignitaries. In China, he is so respected that he has been named a “Treasure of the Nation”.


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79-year-old Zhou Ting-jue began practicing Kung Fu under his grandfather at the age of 7, and by the time he was 16, his uncle began teaching him the secrets of Qigong, to help him maintain his body strength. He has been practicing it ever since, developing a growing understanding of the ancient art and its potential. Before moving to the United States, Master Zhou traveled through China, teaching Qigong, treating patients and displaying his incredible martial arts techniques. Word of his superhuman powers spread like wildfire after he arrived in America, sparking the interest of scientists and martial arts enthusiasts. So far no one has been able to explain how exactly he is able to generate heat of up to 202 degrees Fahrenheit through the palms of his hands, or shift his body weight from his legs to his chest and stand on a thin sheet of paper.


Photo: Facebook

As you would expect Master Zhou has a number of detractors who call him a fraud, but he says the secret to his “tricks” lie in focus and controlling his chi energy. As for those skeptical about his healing powers, Ting-jue claims after treatment “everybody believes”. On an episode of Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Zhou’s heat-generating abilities were captured with a thermal camera and even the naked eye can spot vapor rising from a piece of cloth as he channels his energy into it. One of his patients, a former anesthesiologist who couldn’t find a cure for his back pain until he met the Qigong master, says: It’s…I can’t explain it, but it’s real”.


Zhou Ting-jue isn’t the only man who achieves incredible things using the powers of Qigong. In the past, we’ve featured a young Chinese man who could put out candles three meters away from him with energy generated by his punches, and a practitioner of the ancient art who could pull cars with his eyelids.

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