Fattest Baby in the World?

Look at these pictures and tell me if this looks like a normal 6 month old baby…He’s from Iran, and at the tender age of six months he already weighs over 20 kilograms. He weighed a normal 3 kilograms at birth, but the mother says since then he started gaining very fast, because he was asking for food every hour. They look happy in the pictures, but they should do something about the child’s eating disorder until it’s too late…

fattest baby in the world

the world's fattest baby

Batir, the world's fattest baby

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  • ILIKEFATBABYS001 Posted on June 2, 2010

    hey this baby is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo FAT!!!!!!!!

  • the most hottest girl Posted on June 2, 2010

    omg this is the most fattest baby in the whole WORLD!!!! i think i want to marry him and sqez him to death and be his bff!!! love him

  • Senteria Posted on June 10, 2010

    u got that right i don't see him fiting into any dipers

  • Junkdiddlyfunk Posted on June 10, 2010

    he is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

  • Katie Posted on June 12, 2010

    omg this baby is so cute. I showed my teacher this at school and he yelled at me for smiling. haha is it my fault tht this baby is totally adorable? haha but anyway, my teacher said he could die early because of his weight. idk if this is true but if it is plz pray for the little guy. 🙂 he's wayyyyyy too precious!! 🙂

  • Nina Posted on June 20, 2010

    He is a very sweet little fella & I wish I can Kiss'n'Squeeze his adorable big cheeks. But I do hope for his health to improve before it's too late.

  • Nina Posted on June 20, 2010

    He is a very sweet little fella & I wish I can Kiss'n'Squeeze his adorable big cheeks. But I do hope for his health to improve before it's too late.

  • Miriam Posted on July 2, 2010

    This baby is sooo cute. I don't really care how fat a baby is bcuase when a baby gets fatter he gets cuter!

  • h1449k Posted on July 6, 2010

    I’m with you on that one!!!

  • karis Posted on July 28, 2010

    his parent should go to jail for doing that to the poor little guy

  • maysweetheart98 Posted on August 12, 2010

    the baby is cute but its the parents fault for geting him that big.now he gonna have a short life

  • cutiepieforever Posted on August 27, 2010

    u guys r so mean that baby wuz born like that stoopids 🙁

  • eimert-jan Posted on October 8, 2010

    Our boy is just 3 months old and getting a bit chubby, but now we are fattening him up as much as possible and want him to weigh 25 kilo at his first birthday

  • Adonna Posted on October 25, 2010


  • adriano Posted on November 1, 2010

    men this baby is sosooooooooooooo robust

  • brea johnson Posted on December 16, 2010

    this baby is cute to fat

  • Emma Barrow Posted on March 10, 2011

    I think he’s adorable, but how could his parents let him get that fat?!

  • lily Posted on March 20, 2011

    how cute is this baby o.m.g its adorable i wish it was my baby….

  • ife Posted on March 21, 2011

    cut but too heavy to hold o dear

  • FatMommainluvvvv(:hitmeup! Posted on May 11, 2011

    I love me some babysssssssssssssssssssssssssss. And some fat daddyssssssssssssssssssss. Dis heree is da cutest BBY evaaaaaa! I need to find me one o dim! if ya got one and need too sell i gots yo back.

  • FatMommainluvvvv(:hitmeup! Posted on May 12, 2011

    ight mane, gets me one! look me up on craigslist. holla back at me hun!

  • YummyDaddy101.- Posted on May 12, 2011

    yo fat momma i can gets u da bby! my homey action jackson gots 1 o 2 fo sale. i can prolly snag u 1 o dem! and dey be fatter then dis here bbyyy! u can trust me on tht babe!

  • FatMommainluvvvv(:hitmeup! Posted on May 13, 2011

    aight, i jus gots ta gets meh 1 o dem thay so cayute! i can be puttin them beads in they hair awwww! then them bow clipsss awwwwwww they be so fierceee in they stroller with hot mama pushin them. mann it be zebraaa printtt! we can all go and get our nails done 2!

  • kimfateka Posted on May 25, 2011

    Your baby is adorable. butt has very chubby cheeks (:

  • kEVIN Posted on June 7, 2011


  • hailey Posted on June 16, 2011

    he is so cute but he needs to start haveing three meals a day

  • Alexis Posted on July 8, 2011

    He is so freakin cute. With an adorable laugh.

  • Zwide Posted on July 31, 2011

    oh!!.. ma word…! He is da most adorable ive ever seen in ma lyf.. If only he was myn. 🙂 🙂

  • Latoyaa Posted on October 18, 2011

    He so fat he cant even crack a smile —- so sadd buhh he cutee doee

  • noor ahmed Posted on February 10, 2012

    i was about 2 slp n aftr a glance…………………………….. i was awake til morning….. wat a baby god bless d family n d baby…….