Fencing never gets old

It never struck me like a sport for senior citizens but…

Apparently old people love it! at least the ones at Corpus Christi Catholic Home for retired priest and nuns in Melbourne, Australia, do. The over 80 years old athletes have been learning the art of fencing for nine months now, and apparently they are getting quite good at it. One of the care-takers from the home said the old people were a bit reluctant at first but after having a talk with the convincing instructor, they said yes.

Even 93 years old Sister Dolores says she loves the sport, even though she admits it’s a chalenge at her age and she’s always afraid she might fall over.








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  • Alex Posted on May 16, 2008

    awesome, they’ve got the same plan as me, keep moving…

  • Lauren Posted on May 20, 2008

    Just goes to show, that no matter what age you are, you can always enjoy a good rousing game of fencing!

  • Chris Posted on May 20, 2008

    very cool, & the instructor has a sweet ‘stache. hope when i’m old and in a home they have fencing there!

    they should be wearing vests, though.

  • Mathes Posted on May 21, 2008

    Do you think, that thay may hurt each other? Those sabres have a small ball on the top of it and I doubt, that those old people are strong enough to hurt someone..

  • david Posted on May 21, 2008

    My favorite is certainly the single man with his walker. There’s something perfectly quixotic about that pose.

  • Matator Posted on May 22, 2008

    Me quito el sombrero ante voecencias!!

  • Joe Mama Posted on May 31, 2008

    they could get a heart attack doing that!

  • Yvonne Posted on June 17, 2008

    Sensational, what great staff to have the foresight and conviction to do something out of the square (as the saying goes today) and changing the perception that once your a true senior its feet up and bingo. Save me a spot in 20-30 years.

  • Brandon Slocum Posted on October 8, 2008

    I recently taught Serious Swashbuckling for Seniors and Grappling for GrandPirates at the Senior Theatre USA Performance Festival. In my 16
    years teaching sport fencing and stage combat, I have never had so
    much fun. People need to change their perception of what seniors can do.
    Our program, The Silver Stage Players, even write and direct their own plays.
    Visit our website to see awesome seniors doing stage combat!

  • coogi Posted on August 28, 2009

    cool,how can i do that if I am old

  • old people lover Posted on May 28, 2010

    they are sooo cute. i love them. the best ones are the 3 and the 4th pics!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love old people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 <3

  • moon815 Posted on May 28, 2010

    great to see

  • moon815 Posted on May 29, 2010

    great to see

  • Terry Posted on October 1, 2011

    I’m still fencing at 75 and have friends older than me who are still at it – even on an International level – but this is too great! I had seen the one picture, but these are all wonderful! Getting old is awful, but this helps a lot!

  • DEH Posted on March 9, 2012

    Can those with canes get points for a hit with the cane as well as the foil?