Human Magnet Contest Held in Vietnam

I’m sure you have at least one friend that claims he is a spring of magnetic energy, just because he can balance a spoon on the tip of his nose, but in Vietnam,this kind of phenomenon is taken seriously.

Yesterday, during a ceremony to celebrate 12 years since the inauguration of the Vietnamese department for the research and study of energy, human magnets from all over Vietnam gathered in Hanoi, to show off their skills. Men and women covered with spoons, forks, dinner plates and metal weights walked around proudly, displaying their powers.

The most impressive of them all was Ta Quang Thanh, who managed to keep a 42 kilogram stone slab, stuck to his body, thus breaking all national records.

via Channel 14

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  • im axl rose Posted on July 6, 2010

    “…in Vietnam,this kind of phenomenon is taken seriously.” Lol. No really. this is not taking it seriously. this is just entertainment. nothing more.

    I wonder why none of them have skirts on? Like a smooth silk T-skirt..

  • Ashly Peterson Posted on July 20, 2010

    Wow.. this is quite amazing stuff.. recently i seen somebody doing same thing with the bolts in one garage in my city, though it wasn’t the event but he did well that time.. sometimes this things looks impossible to me.. but the photos in this posts making me to believe in the human magnetic energy..

  • Cide Posted on September 13, 2011

    Cracked. Its caused by being gross and sticky and not bathing. Also stones like that arent magnetic enough to do that. Like, i dunno, some guy coverd in sticky oil doing it in a place where sticky oil is ubiqutous. Like a mechanic garage.