Japanese Neon Lamp Fights

You have to hand it to the Japanese, they know violence sells and they market it like no other country can.

But this has to be the dumbest sport in history, two fat guys pounding each other with neon-rods until they’re both soaked in blood? I have no idea what this sport is called or who came up with the idea, but apparently it’s very popular in the Land of the Rising Sun, despite it’s obvious stupidity. I’d rather watch some K1 or UFC any day, this is just like wrestling only with real blood.

I wonder if those lamps are mercury free…if they’re not, do the fat guys know they could die from mercury poisoning?








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  • nuka Posted on April 20, 2010

    thats the side effect of nuke!

  • WWF Sucks Ass Posted on April 20, 2010

    Who are we to judge what's good wrestling and what's bad? The Japanese product is far superior to is American counterpart… at least the Japanese entertain their crowds. Look at American wrestling, the focus is all backstage locker room bullshit instead of putting on real matches. It's all form and no substance.

  • Not Neon Posted on April 22, 2010

    These are fluorescent lamps. NOT NEON, neon glows red/orange not white.

    Wikipedia says a fluorescent lamp is:
    A fluorescent lamp or fluorescent tube is a gas-discharge lamp that uses electricity to excite mercury vapor.

    MERCURY VAPOR! Look it up and don’t speak unless you look into it.
    Not to mention the phosphor coating on the inside has got to be good to inhale.

    This shit, is no shit, insane. Like thermometer blowgun championships; or car exhaust breath holding tourneys… There must be rules and ways not to get too hurt, but man, one hit to the jugular and you’re going down hard.

  • mark Posted on April 23, 2010

    what if they got glass in their eyes lol silly silly

  • idiots Posted on April 25, 2010

    dude thats so poisonous… quicksilver in there will eventually kill all of those idiots..

  • Byda Fairygodmother Posted on April 26, 2010

    They sure are really really stupid. Frankly speaking Japanese are known as the craziest in their games, fashion & sex.They dont love themselves & they dont love anything around them.Stupid yet cold blooded.

  • nelson Posted on April 26, 2010

    This is called Ultra-Violent Wrestling. In USA, the CZW holds many Untraviolent matches each year. In the film The Wrestler, Mickey Rourke fights an ultraviolent match vs a real-life ultraviolent hero, Necro Butcher.
    Search CZW, Tournament of Death, Necro Butcher, Ultraviolent, stuff like that on youtube to find more awesome videos

  • james Posted on April 29, 2010

    Why are they wearing knee pads?

  • jitendra Posted on April 30, 2010

    What message they want to give to our coming generations???
    Violence……. that’s it.
    every action has it’s reaction. this is drastic, feel sorry to see this.

  • flufferbunz Posted on April 30, 2010

    hey, safety first right?

  • hurrah Posted on April 30, 2010

    ” it’s obvious stupidity.”

    How ironic.

  • frogpuppet Posted on May 1, 2010

    if you’ve been to japan at all you’d realise that the japanese can understand what is just mindless entertainment and what is not, dont judge an entire nation because of a few pictures.

  • arczi Posted on May 2, 2010

    Japanese are crazy.

  • Sparta Posted on May 7, 2010

    Fluorescent lamps has a Hydrargyrum.

  • Sparta Posted on May 7, 2010

    Hydrargyrum is mercury

  • Naut eyoo Posted on May 13, 2010

    Neon lamps???? Uh, no.

  • Hee Hee Posted on May 13, 2010

    As a couple of the more alert readers have pointed out, THOSE ARE NOT NEONS. They are FLUORESCENT LIGHT BULBS.

  • s3g4k1ll3r Posted on May 15, 2010

    you guys are fucking retarded do you honestly think they're using conventional fluorescent lamps? -_- no they're using glass tubes, so yeah its retarded but they're not going to fucking die from mercury poisoning

  • Daver Posted on May 17, 2010

    They must be glass tubes, as the Japanese, perhaps more than anyone, are aware of the hazards of mercury, having suffered a nice little man-made human tragedy in the city of Minimata some 50 years ago.

  • jaganmangat Posted on May 19, 2010

    that is very very disturbing,what the hell,oh my god……..just thinking if i were put down there…_____…..!!!!!!

  • Anna Posted on May 23, 2010


  • Xeek Posted on May 26, 2010

    What the fuck!? When are they gonna air this on Spike TV?? I wanna see it! Do they light up also?

  • jaganmangat Posted on May 26, 2010


  • talno gretje Posted on June 5, 2010

    Very,very stupid!!!

  • This is deadly! Posted on June 10, 2010

    If those are real fluorescents, which they sure seem to be, they contain mercury. And judging by the amount of lamps used, mercury in an amount that would be enough to kill the entire crowd… And, if what is already commented is true, the phosphor (which is definitely there – the tubes are white, not transparent) is really dangerous to get in a wound.
    These guys are either suicidal, reeeally pissed, or have not been informed of the risks.

  • TJH Posted on June 19, 2010

    Just them copying more American culture, but its from the redneck side, weird.

  • Mtwomg Posted on June 20, 2010

    neon bulb = fluorescent bulb, dumbasses

  • Mtwomg Posted on June 21, 2010

    neon bulb = fluorescent bulb, dumbasses

  • Pro Wrestling Fan Posted on June 27, 2010

    They do this in the United States too. Just search “Combat Zone Wrestling” or CZW and you'll get tons of pics and videos of stuff like this.

  • mage Posted on September 23, 2010

    Geez…i totally don’t get this. As what you’ve said isn’t that mercury-free? Yes. I do wonder, after all if it wasn’t they would possibly die from poison.

  • Yamada Taro Posted on October 4, 2010

    i am one of the Japanese,but
    this is very shocking for me too.
    What a foolish thing!

  • John Q. Posted on October 6, 2010

    Do they get glass in their eyes or breathe in micro-particles of it?? What about being exposed to highly poisonous toxins like Mercury? Phosphor?
    There’s no question these guys are tough, but if this is real they’re not going to live long. What of the audience?

  • i pula Posted on November 10, 2010

    I don’t understanding this.

  • ... Posted on December 30, 2010

    okay okay enough with the japanese racism i may not be japanese but they are still humans you guys are sittin here bitching about them fighting with lamps if you got the balls why not do it?

  • Greg H Posted on January 28, 2011

    RE: “this is just like wrestling only with real blood.”

    FYI, pro-wrestling doesn’t use fake blood.

  • latoya Posted on March 2, 2011

    GO GO mep ze tandne uit ze smoel

  • dod Posted on April 21, 2011

    They are mad as hatters!!

  • Gentlemen Posted on May 18, 2011


  • hvjhbhkvh Posted on February 26, 2012

    That’s PHOSPHOR clouds. Welcome back, rotting jaws! People who worked in phosphor factories used to lose their lower jaws because the phosphor eats your bones away. Seriously wtf