Shearing of the Beasts

Held every year in the village of Sabucedo, SpainLa Rapa Das Bestas“, as the Spanish call it, is a 400-year-old festival where horses that are caught in the hills are rounded up and guided into an arena of sorts called the Corral of Sabucedo, where they are sheared and branded.

This year’s festival was held on July 5 and, as you can see, it’s very very brutal. I am old for the preservation of old traditions and customs but I truly believe this “festival” should be banned. I mean just look at what they are doing to the poor animals, they jump on them, grab them by whatever they can and try to immobilize them to cut their tales and tag them. This is medieval stuff!
















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  • Jimbot Posted on July 23, 2008

    I believe in passing on traditions but this one is way out of control. The brutality shown in these pictures toward these horses is not necessary. In today’s modern world we must ask ourselves why the fuck do we do this shit still….

  • Filly Posted on August 7, 2008

    I totally agree. Horses being a very sensitive animal would make this like torture.

  • Spyderbyte Posted on August 8, 2008

    That is really awful. There is a way to do this without all the man-handling. The US does it to their mustangs all the time.

  • Eva Posted on December 20, 2008

    This is horrible and the people that are doing this should be treated the same way. Hold them against their will, sit on their necks and take something from them! VERY CRUEL!!! MORTIFYING!

  • Ciara and Chloe Posted on January 18, 2009

    Thats just plain cruel, how dare they i cant say how much i hate and loath them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DH Posted on February 26, 2009

    Not near as gruesome as the last rodeo I went to in California. A bronc-buster rode a bucking horse into the stands, and its hind leg got sheared off…and it contuinued to buck on ONE hind leg. Kindness starts at home.

  • maria Posted on March 5, 2009

    this is needs to be banned!!!!!

  • claire Posted on April 29, 2009

    omg…what is wrong with these people?!

  • you guys are faggots Posted on June 5, 2009

    You guys are pussies, there is nothing wrong with this. Go fuck yourselves you peta loving sons of bitches.

  • Anon Posted on June 5, 2009

    You stupid americans sit there on your high fucking horses preaching about shit you know nothing about. Horses and cattle are branded in your country too and it hurts just as much, as for a little haircut the horses care a lot less about that than you do. Just because people don’t do things the way you’re used to seeing them done or would like to doesn’t give you any right to judge…so sick of lazy american pigs trying to run the rest of the world with their retarded opinions.

  • stefan Posted on June 5, 2009

    so what? so a bunch of horses get roughed up in one village once a year in spain. big fucking deal. have u even seen the video of the guy getting fucked by a horse and dying? i dont know why i brought it up, but its funny in a smutty sorta way.

    theres much more pressing issues in the world that need addressing. there needs to be less tampon-crusades about people mistreating animals. its how the world has been since weve been standing up straight and were obviously not evolved enough as a race to phase out this sort of obsolete, traditional shit.

  • godzilla complex Posted on June 9, 2009

    fairly sure the last three people posting are (or will one day be) serial killers, wife beaters and/or child molesters. i find it said that their cruel, tiny brains cannot wrap around the fact that inflicting that much pain on another living creature for the purpose of ‘tradition’ or ‘sport’ is inherently wrong.

  • godzilla complex Posted on June 9, 2009

    …and yeah, there’s a typo there. it’s supposed to be “sad”, not “said”. sorry to ruin your day. go beat some animals and maybe you’ll feel better.

  • Think Before you press 'send' Posted on July 5, 2009

    Gosh “You Guys Are Faggots” what an intelligent argument. Which photo above is of you proving what a big man you are.

  • I actually care Posted on January 28, 2010

    Stefan, just so you know, the guy in the video wouldn’t have died if he wasn’t messing with the horses! It’s his own fault and he deserves it! Anyone who treats horses or any other animal like that deserves the same treatment back.

    And for everyone elses information, I am NOT American, so don’t give me shit about that.

    This so called “tradition” should be banned. There is nothing to cheer about and you do not deserve to have horses in your country.

  • Anonymous Posted on December 17, 2010

    I feel like we should start an organisation to hunt down each one of these assholes who takes place in this event. We will catch them off guard one by one.Then we’ll hold them down, shave their heads, and brand “I”M A HUGE FUCKING FAGGOT” across their chests. Maybe with a little horse hoof print at the end to top it off.