The Hitler action-figure

Apparently there are those who think the Fuhrer was a hero.

Some of these people live in the Ukraine, where an Adolf Hitler action-figure has gone on sale. The $200 doll is compared to Barbie by sales-women in Kiev and, just like the famous blond, it comes complete with accessories and several changes of clothes. Although any form of Nazism or fascism is prohibited in the Ukraine, the dolls are already on sale and will be mas-produced starting this summer. This is a result of growing extreme right political sentiment and increasing xenophobia and racism.

It looks like some Ukrainians, especially the young ones, have forgotten that Hitler killed 3 million of them during WWII, including 1.5 million Jews. He wanted to turn the country into slave populated buffer zone with Russia, now they think he was a hero…that’s sad.

The doll comes with a spare head that gives Hitler a kinder face…because he was such a kind person?!?


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  • Caity Posted on April 26, 2008

    Jesus. What next- a Dahmer doll?

  • Sofar Posted on April 28, 2008

    Are you sure they’re not being ironic?

  • Ryan Posted on April 29, 2008

    Love this figure. Bought 6 of them. One day the world will know that Adolf Hitler was Right.

  • Ryan Posted on April 29, 2008

    By the way, this figure was made by DiD, “Dragon in Dreams” under their selling division “3R” it is 1/6 scale and has been on the market for some time now, well over a year, maybe close to two years. Believe the run was limited to 2000 figures. Sold out in most places. Selling price in the US was $80 and have seen it sell for as much as $300 in Europe.

  • Sarah Posted on May 7, 2008

    There is already a Dahmer doll.

  • Dr. Prock Posted on May 19, 2008

    Looks that some Ukrainians dont believe allied after-war propaganda. Seems they have not forgotten 73 years Stalin and can do a better judgement of that than we can. By the way they even didnt believe allied propaganda during the war as 300.000 Ukrainians joined the Wehrmacht and fought for the Germans. Mainly in the Ukrainian Liberty Army and the 14th Armored SS Division which in fact was ukrainian. They surrendered as late as May 10th !! 1945.

  • Marya Clare Posted on September 13, 2008

    What next…Holuacost denial Barbie.

  • Jesus Posted on October 9, 2008

    Oh dear, awesome!

    Hitler was not an devil, he was just an nero.

  • Memyself Posted on October 20, 2008

    oh please! deny jourselves!!!

  • Alex Posted on November 30, 2008

    Who ever Said Hitler was right go to hell the only thing he was right about was clothing and art.

  • manfred Posted on January 5, 2009

    whrer to buy this cool figure ?

  • fida ali Posted on January 24, 2009

    i think he was the ever powerful person in the world history. it is not good to kill innocent people whether he belongs to any community but to the such things is great in itself………………

  • Craig S Posted on January 31, 2009

    Hitler was an animal and the people that followed him complete idiots. Not only did he kills millions of innocent people (like jews etc.) but he spent German lives like nothing during the war in battles he could not win, especially at war’s end.

    He didn’t care who died as long as his single minded dream of world domination was achieved. If those of you that think he’s a hero must also think your lives are worthless (which they are) because he would have had you perish without a thought!

  • ray Posted on March 20, 2009

    Reply to ryan
    he tortured, hurt, kill etc ppl who did no hurt nor kill anyone, enough said, he is stupid

  • jasper Posted on March 29, 2009

    Too FOOKIN right mate

  • brad Posted on May 14, 2009

    what the…? what is this?

  • shane Posted on May 16, 2009

    The world is filled with Closed minded ignorant idealist that only choose to focus on all the bad things people do, or say. And the worst part of it all is they’re the people writing text books and making documentary, never truly understanding what truly happend, and don’t much care. The fact is that MANY German people(not just nationalists) see him as an icon of greatness, and know and understand that Germany wouldn’t be what it is today with HIM. Don’t dismiss the bad things, but certainly don’t focus on them. Do your own research before you start judging.

  • eliugh Posted on May 19, 2009

    I agree w/ Shane. While Hitler did do bad things he also brought along some great things. If not for the Nazis our space program would not be where it is today. The Volkswagon beetle wouldn’t exist nor the Autobahn the basis for the American highway system

  • Dan Wade Posted on May 21, 2009

    Hitler was neither evil nor was he brilliant. He was a product of a Germany that had lost its pride. Many often question, “how could this happen?”. One must remember that the Jewish population made it easy to create ire and hatred against them. They kept to themselves, resisted assimilation, preferred their own language, shopped in their own communities and when war rolled around (WWI) they said that they had responsibility to fight.

    After WWI, poverty was rampant and the only ones that had money were the Jewish people and the German Aristocrats. While both brokered unfair deals it’s easier to point out the shortcomings of one group over another. Family farms, houses, flats that may have been in a family for hundreds of years — The Jewish community started buying up the properties for pennies on the dollar, tripling rents, evicting people, going back on promises to allow people to stay on.

    About this time the hardcore Zionists began publishing their literature. Many of their philosophies (at least in print) were not much different from that of the principles of the S.S. or Meine Kampf. During this time, it became far easier to scapegoat and entire group of people.

    What is always odd to me is that while the Holocaust occurred it seems that it’s only important if you were Jewish. If you were Jewish, then you are a targeted victim, if you are Polish, Ukranian, Dutch, French, English, Protestant, Catholic … then you were just a war casualty. Yes, one may say 6+ Million holocaust victims, but apparently only Jews were killed.

    All I ask is why can’t people keep an open mind and realize that there is cause and effect. What Hitler did was unforgivable, but how it happened was not totally without cause. And lest we forget, Germany, long Europe invasion stepping stone was far from the only country to have persecuted Jews. Perhaps the most visible in modern history, but not the only country guilty en masse or not.

  • Dan Wade Posted on May 21, 2009

    Hmmm… spell checker should not be used here LOL Apparently there are a few words changed and left out.

  • daryon Posted on May 22, 2009

    what the duck? why did they do this?
    the sky is purple

  • C. Jonnston Posted on September 20, 2009

    I do not own one of these, but I wanted to point out that most of the people who buy these types of things are not Nazis and do not think that Hitler is a “hero”.
    A lot of people (can’t speak for everyone though!) buys “Nazi action figures” because they create WWII themed dioramas, some of which are used to enter in competitions and others are photographed to look like a real battle or other scene.
    It’s a rather big hobby among men who enjoy building things as they make all the scenery and so on.
    You can search eBay for “1/6 scale” or “1:6 scale” and find any and everything you would ever need for making dioramas; camp supplies, eye glasses, chairs, books, pens and pencils, food, pets, playing cards, bullets.
    So, I just wanted to point out that just because someone might own a “doll” like this it doesn’t mean they’re a Nazi. I’m sure a lot of the people who buy them have just as many American soldiers and some companies are starting to make Japanese ones too.

  • asgeir valur sigurdsson Posted on October 16, 2009

    the whole fraud is being exposed on only one site which belongs to a human rights activist group who exposed the lie that the figure had been produced en masse. Nobody managed to sell hundreds of Hitler figures because if that was to be the case they knew only ver few´d be bought. So they wanted to find out how popular the figure was for real , but to cover up that they had no copyright.
    THAT was to be one thing not to be discussed with anybody – that´s how I see it.
    Of all the current topics featured with each seemingly imaginary trip on the buying of Hitler figurines it´s no wonder the figures are not for sale anywhere and that disappointed customers are told that there are a few in stock which are kept out of respect. For whom? For what? Appearently the idea was to create rumours about modern Ukrainians being ignorant folks who have forgotten the history of their own culture in the twentieth – century. Until I see a Hitler action figure being sold in my own country I have every right to refuse that such action figures have been sucessfully sold in others.
    There were only stories of the figures being mass produced but not sold or distributed en masse anywhere.

  • asgeir valur sigurdsson Posted on October 16, 2009

    And while all of you would be debating about Hitler the producers of the few dolls – provided anybody produced anything could get away and enjoy the ride and guess at when you were gonna find out the dolls most probably hadn´t even been produced in Ukraine at all to begin with.

  • Buster Posted on December 1, 2009

    I agree that hitler was a mass-murdering fuckhead. But this action figure has a certain Kistch about it. It has the same appeal as the ‘finger nun’ and the ‘Knodding dashboard Jesus’. You don’t have to be ignorant, nor do you have to be a fascist, to enjoy the complete fantastical nature of this doll. It’s genius and, in my opinion, exactly the kind of rubbish that the world needs to prove that we can move on. What he did was horrific, but….(I hope I don’t open a can of worms with this) WE WON!!!. Things could have been so much worse (And yes, I know that’s a sweeping statement). I just hope that someone makes a ‘Malibu Guerring’, so people all over the world can have the two of them together in suggestive poses on their mantle-piece.

    I think the world is ready to laugh in the face of evil and move on. Let’s never forget the past, but learn a lesson and progress.



  • orlando Posted on December 25, 2009

    you have to understand the jewish mind. hitler was evil because he hated jews. however, anne frank is a hero because she hid for two years in an attic. maybe they should make an anne frank doll with an attic diarama. theres as many books about anne frank as there is about hitler and she didnt do shit!!!
    lets not forget that the jews claimed 6 million died in a holocaust in 1919 as well. theyre really pushing for 6 million dead by holocaust, sometime, anytime. hell, i wouldnt be surprised if they cry about 6 million dead again sometime soon. poor jews, we all feel so sorry for you. please write more “true” accounts of your ordeals during the war, and maybe some more anne frank books.

  • Klaus Posted on May 15, 2010

    I want a Hitler doll. please

  • Klaus Posted on May 16, 2010

    I want a Hitler doll. please

  • Iman Azol Posted on October 31, 2010

    I’d totally buy this. I’d have him on all fours in front of my Bondage Barbie, being ass-reamed with a Kong Dong strapon.

  • deis Posted on June 15, 2011

    I don’t know. I think this beats Barbie etc. hands down. I’ll have two.