The horned lady

The story behind these photos is, this lady came into the doctor’s office one day with that “beauty” coming out of her forehead and saying she had a bump on her head 20 years earlier, that later burst(!?!) and dried up, eventually turning into a horn. When it was removed, the horn had a length of 17 centimeters. Pretty strange…



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  • Thiago¬≤ Posted on February 25, 2008

    woowwww!!!!! Cool!

  • seamonkeyboy Posted on February 28, 2008

    man i love horny grandmas…

  • smplyjenn Posted on March 9, 2008

    that just scares me to death.

    I’ve never had a wart, NOW I really really dont want one seeing what they can do.

  • Jweey Posted on May 29, 2008

    It looks like she’s defecating out of her head.

  • Jana Posted on January 1, 2009

    Not sure it was a wart, but it’d sure be interesting to find out what exactly it was… that definetly resembles fecal matter to me…

  • Abbysan Posted on May 25, 2010


  • Abbysan Posted on May 26, 2010


  • Dog Posted on November 10, 2010

    It took 20 years before she could/would see a doctor about this? That thing would have gotten to be about 1/4″ out of my head and I’d have been begging for treatment from every doc, in every town and eventually pleading my cause at the local news stations. I’d have milked every possible source of help. That, or I’d have invested in a good sturdy hacksaw.