The Star-Trek Apartment

Tony Alleyne is a British hardcore Star-Trek fan who decided to transform his home into the ultimate home-made Star-Trek set.

Tony began his project in 1999, after his wife left him, he aimed to give his flat the ultimate make-over and turn it into a Star-Trek bachelor pad. He finished his masterpiece in 2004, but then decided to turn it into the Voyager starship.

Now his 500 square feet apartment features voice-activated lighting, air conditioning, LED lights, but is missing a bed. A few years ago doctors advised Alleyne to sleep on the floor to cure his sciatica, so he took this opportunity to transform his bedroom into a transporter room.

After hand-crafting the decor elements himself, Tony Alleyne opened his very own design company. Unfortunately this over-the-top project also got him broke. His ex-wife, who owns the apartment, put it up for sale, but so far no one is interested. Tony says he’s happy the deal didn’t go through, as he loves living in his very own Voyager ship.

If you are interested in acquiring the Star-Trek apartment or if you just want to take a virtual tour, visit













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Feedback (59 Comments)

  • Jellybean Posted on June 5, 2009

    no freaking wonder his wife left him. What a loser.

  • Manyota Posted on July 30, 2009

    OMG there are no windows!

  • Chu k Posted on November 2, 2009

    Beam me up, Scottie!

  • green-p Posted on December 15, 2009

    good on ya mate! good to see someone sticks to their guns and does what makes them happy, half the people i know are so quick to shell out all their advice on this n that, thinking we’re all some ikea-buying-all-knowing smarty pants ready with our insults after watching too much simon cowell…

    …when really we’re all here browsing the internet for porn and / or any old crap to pass by the hours, whilst you dedicated yourself to a project and have a piece of art to show for it 🙂

    take it easy


  • KJ you moron Posted on December 18, 2009

    KJ, if you had read the article you would have seen that he has an ex-wife so I’m pretty sure he’s not a virgin. idiot.

  • insaneBastard2U Posted on December 27, 2009

    I see it as a waste of time…… functionality…..the world technology is able to make all those monitors be used for residential purposes …..entertainment,climate controls a sorry waste of money.

  • Angelique Posted on April 9, 2011

    This is so freaking awesome!! 😀 I would love to have an apartment like that 😀 That ex-wife is crazy for leaving

  • Gabriel Posted on January 11, 2012

    That is an awesome apartment. I did something similar but nowhere near to that extent. I turned one of the rooms of my apartment into a Star Trek/home entertainment center. I spent something like $500.00. It’s no where near as dramatic as what this gentleman did, but I’m pleased with the outcome. Here’s the link to the photos: