Weird Canned Foods from Around the World

I’m not a big fan of canned foods, but I can be talked into eating some canned tuna fish from time to time. Hell, if need be, I would even eat whole canned chicken, or pork brains in milk gravy.  But there are some strange foods out there I would rather starve to death that try and the Daily Mail made a list of them. Check it out:

Cajun-style canned alligator

Bamboo worms

Armadillo roadkill

Smoked rattlesnake

Black scorpions preserved in brine

Mole crickets and curry

Crocodile curry

Ant eggs preserved in saltwater brine

Giant Bug Chili paste

Potted Possum

Powdered Horse Milk

Reindeer Pate

Roasted Crickets with Eggs

Roasted Scorpions

Whole Baby Conch

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