Pork Brains in Milk Gravy

Following our Whole Chicken in a Can post, we searched I Hate My Message Board blog for more weird “delicacies” and came across what the Consumerist called “the worst food product ever may have been found”.

If you thought the giant canned chicken looked disgusting, the pork brains in milk gravy will have you puking your guts out. According to Tracy, over at I Hate My Message Board, this food product is very common in American grocery stores, but that doesn’t mean it tastes or smells good. Apparently, the pork brains in milk gravy smell like ground up vienna sausages mixed with cheap, smelly dog-food. For me, that’s enough of a warning to never, ever try this stuff.

If any of you had the guts to eat pork brains in milk gravy, let us know if you liked it.






via I Hate My Message Board

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