World’s largest swimming pool

I have to say that after seeing these pics, I’ve decided I’d love to visit this place as much as I’d love to visit Devil’s Pool, at Victoria Falls, in Zimbabwe. It’s just one of those sights that simply takes your breath away.

This man-made wonder is 1013 meters long covers 80 acres, its deepest end reaches 115ft and it holds 66 million gallons of water. If you want to take a dip in the world’s largest swimming pool you’ll have to travel to San Alfonso del Mar in Algarrobo, Chile, where a computer-controlled suction and filtration system continuously pumps water from the ocean, keeping crystal clear.

Although it wasn’t cheap, costing around $2 billion to build and another $4 million/year for maintenance, the pool seems to be worth it as it has been attracting huge crowds of curious tourists, since it opened in December.









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  • Steve Posted on June 11, 2008

    Yeah this place is sweet i was there last thursday-

  • Joe is better then Steve Posted on June 11, 2008


  • Chris Posted on June 11, 2008

    It is pretty cool, I live a block away. I can see it every day from my bedroom window. My 2 million dollar, 28 story, 17 acre mansion, not to brag or anything, has a perfect view of it and the ocean. It’s definitely a place to consider moving. The pool is ridiculously large though and it’s a great place to cool off. I don’t think it’s big enough though, because if you can see the end, it’s too small.

  • vanessa Posted on June 25, 2008

    were is this place or swimming pool

  • emily Posted on June 27, 2008

    Ummm…I think most ocean front hotels have pools….. I would love to go somewhere like this. You feel like you are at the beach (and you are) but you don’t have to deal with the sand and the waves and all that stuff if you just want to relax. Don’t get me wrong, I love swimming in the waves, but you can’t really relax in the ocean. I would totally go here if I had the $2000 it would cost in air fair for me.

  • Enter Your Name Posted on July 3, 2008

    Chile is not communist. Are you really that ignorant?

  • bitch Posted on September 7, 2008

    good place to have sex lol

  • THUNDERCOCK Posted on October 24, 2008

    with me?? Please with me

  • temitope Posted on October 27, 2008

    nice pool and all that,i wonder what other fanciful thing they will do next,that they are intelligent enough really shows that we are made in the image of God,cos God is the master creator.

  • Matt Posted on November 12, 2008

    Because of the sharks. They eat people.

  • yogi Posted on November 13, 2008

    send me some mor pics of swimming pool.

  • gff Posted on December 8, 2008

    too bad the country’s leadership is so corrupt, the government deprives its citizens the guarantee of running water.

    …looks like the foreigners have plenty of it.

    ignorant fucks need not reply. move on, approve of this evil side of globalism and ask some fucking questions.
    peace and love,

  • kristy Posted on January 27, 2009

    Wonder how many lifeguards working there?

  • liam witts Posted on February 26, 2009

    i wounder how big it is and if there are any diving boards

  • Wilton Posted on April 12, 2009

    chile is not comunist. It is a beatifull country with lovely warm people and the fastest growing economy in South America. The Andes mountains is nearby and all year snowed over. In summer time the snow melts and run down to the ocean in lovely cool steams of 0 degrees. So while you have all this beauty and lovely temperatures in summer with a freezing ocean how do you attract tourist. Build a fricken big POOL. !!!!!!!

  • Leo Posted on April 22, 2009

    Yo, try $2 BILLION

  • dieborg Posted on April 27, 2009

    Ocean water temperature is low in Chile because of the Humboldt current coming from Antarctica (the opposite effect of the Gulf current raising it in Europe), not from snow melting.
    Yes, many stupid and resentful people posting. I am from Argentina, Chile´s ocasional enemy (their goverment boasted of helping the British during the Falkland war, but that´s another story), and I can still admire this engineering feat. And then I go to -warmer, friendlier- beaches in Argentina and Brazil . . .

  • Croat Posted on April 29, 2009

    Is this far enough from Mexico?

  • Roy Posted on June 23, 2009

    Because the ocean is cold in Chile. Check upwelling

  • Nepal expedition Posted on July 22, 2009

    very nice swiming place. i like to swim there. i hope one day i will do that. thanks for making this informative blog with above picture

  • Jorge Posted on October 9, 2009

    Hello, Im from Chile, we are not communists, also, no evil government prive us of fresh, drinkable water, please If you don’t know enough of a country don’t talk things like that, the internet is a open place where anyone can learn about a topic before give opinions, use this resource at your benefit.
    The concern about the cost of the giant pool is because the cost is expresed in Chilean PESO, about 1/542 U$D.
    Also for the friend from Argentina PLEASE WE ARE NOT ENEMYS, PEACE FOREVER.

  • Rose Posted on October 14, 2009

    That’s a lot of pool to be drained when someone poops.

  • Claude Posted on November 1, 2009

    I was there a week ago, nice cold water, not more than 14°C,just perfect for a swim!

  • whatde Posted on November 9, 2009

    14 degrees? are you kidding me???

    well. i prefer the split on caye caulker. peace bobby.

  • J Posted on November 18, 2009

    Glad to see that there’s a native Chilian here. Just in case anyone doesn’t know the traditional greeting in Chile is “Pisco es peruano!” Make sure to say that to all your Chilian friends.

  • Claude Posted on December 9, 2009

    Yeah 14°C, nice and warm but usually we swim in 5°C here in Finland

  • howardthe3 Posted on December 14, 2009

    id love to visit here almost as much as id love to cut someone in half with a samuri sword…it’s a close race

  • casto Posted on December 25, 2009

    in 70’s chilean water wrigths were selled to privates, now we have to pay for our own water to spanish enterprices

  • putude Posted on January 11, 2010

    Wow.. cool!
    What a huge swimming pool.

  • Bluebellinata Posted on February 5, 2010

    No – not cool! Utter waste of water, energy and resources especially in regard to the water shortages in the world!

  • Odessa Posted on February 8, 2010

    Will they change water if someone piss to pool?

  • Michelle Posted on March 3, 2010

    Lovely pool – wouldn’t want their water bill or chlorine bill. I have a pool in Turkey, 7.5 metres!!!!!

  • john Posted on March 16, 2010

    hey….i just suprised when i saw it.that was amazing.i’ve never seen somthing like that before.i’ll come there one day and when i come i’ll never go back

  • Nepal Trekking, Trekking in Nepal Posted on October 2, 2010

    I wish I could dive in it!! must be fun!!1

  • Nepal Package Tours Posted on October 4, 2010

    i love this swimming pool and i love to hang over there

  • Pool resurfacing Posted on August 20, 2011

    This man-made wonder is 1013 meters long covers 80 acres, its deepest end reaches 115ft and it holds 66 million gallons of water.

  • Annapurna trekking, Trekking in Annapurna Posted on August 25, 2011

    Really great place. we had wonderful time there.