Canine Has Such Luscious Hair People Think It’s a Wig

Lola, a 3-year-old cocker spaniel from Leeds, in the UK, has a head full of stunning blonde hair that often stops people in their tracks asking themselves if she’s wearing a wig.

Cocker spaniels are known for their beautiful curly locks, but Lola’s hair is special, even for this breed. Her lucky owner, 22-year-old Rebecca Dobson, says that because the hair on the dog’s head is so long and such a different color to the hair on her body, people assume it’s either fake or that it’s dyed. But it’s actually all-natural, which many are shocked to hear. Not only does Lola’s hair get a lot of attention from dog lovers every time Rebecca takes her out on walks, but some people apparently ask to take photos of her just so they can show their hairdresser how they’d like their own hair done.

Photo: Rebecca Dobson/Facebook

“We are constantly stopped by people who say that they thought she was wearing a wig because of her long blonde hair,” Rebecca told Caters News. “Because the hair on her head is such a different color to the hair on her body, people immediately assume it’s fake. They either think she is wearing a wig or that we have been dyeing it blonde which I find really funny.”


Because of her unusually-luscious blonde locks, Lola gets more attention from humans than from other canines, but, luckily, she loves being the center of attention, and her tail never stops wagging whenever anyone stops to compliment her.


Apparently, the dog’s hair wasn’t always this impressive. When she was a puppy, she just had light fluff all over her body, but as she aged, the hair on her body became darker, and the locks on her head got longer and lighter.


“We never expected her to look how she does now,” her owner said. “But when I first noticed how long her hair was getting I was so excited to start styling it and using accessories. I love playing about with her hair and she loves me doing it too.”


Lola’s hair reminded us about another incredible canine hairdo – that of AJ Nirvana Battle, an elegant Afghan hound who has been compared to the canine version of a fashion model.

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