Handsome Goat Goes Viral Online for Looking Like a K-Pop Star

We’ve seen animals achieve online fame for their looks, in fact Instagram is full of animal influencers, but this handsome Saanen goat in Malaysia is the first to reach online celebrity status for looking like a Korean pop star.

Ramos, an 11-month-old billy goat at Muhammad Livestock Farm in Perak, Malaysia, went viral last week after his owner posted photos of him on the farm’s Facebook page. People instantly fell in love with his blonde hairdo and goatee, and some social media users even compared his beauty to that of a K-pop star. Ramos’ owner, 21-year-old Ahmad M Fadzir, told local reporters that the handsome goat loves getting photographed and turns to pose for the camera whenever he sees one. That’s what stars do, I suppose…

Fadzir said that he fell in love with Ramos the moment he laid eyes on him. He was in Terengganu shopping for female goats, because goat milk had been in high demand recently, but as soon as he saw Ramos, he knew he had to have him, so he paid another farmer RM750 ($183) for him without hesitation. The proud owner started posting photos of his handsome goat on Facebook, but he was surprised by the overwhelmingly positive feedback.


“I did not expect the photos to go viral. I have more than 17 Saanen goats. This one, however, is a good-looking one as he has a ‘jambul’ (crested hair) and smiles when I take pictures,” Ahmad told the Harian Metro. “Some people asked me if I want to sell Ramos. However, I have to politely decline and will offer them other goats from the same breed instead.”


The proud owner added that it wasn’t easy raising Saanen goats, as they require proper maintenance and a clean environment. Their still not as high maintenance as human K-pop stars, I’d reckon.


Ramos’ social media popularity quickly attracted mainstream media attention as well, and reporters flocked to Muhammad Livestock Farm in Perak to photograph and film the handsome star.



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