Hood Houses – Used Jacket Hoods Recycled Into Cozy Homes For Stray Cats

South Korean ad agency Cheil Worldwide partnered with Molly’s Pet Shop, a popular pet shop chain, to provide stray cats with comfortable shelters on cold winter and spring nights, by recycling old jacket hoods into cozy homes.

Called Hood Houses, the ingenious cat cribs were created to raise awareness about South Korea’s stray cat problem, and also promote positive interaction between people and homeless animals. Last December, Goodwill shops and Molly’s Pet Shop branches started collecting old jacket hoods and other padded clothing, which were then recycled into portable dome homes, fitted with a waterproof roof, a bed as well as bowls for food/water. Over a two-week period, over 2,000 Hood Houses were given away for free to Molly’s Pet Shop customers who bought food for stray cats.

Photo: Cheil Worldwide

During the Hood House campaign, Molly’s Pet Shop saw a 1,254% increase in stray cat food brand “love together”, awareness about strays was raised to over 1 million people, and 2,000 felines received warm shelter.

Photo: Cheil Worldwide

Hood Houses were inspired by the hooded shape of igloos.

Photo: Cheil Worldwide

Unfortunately, the campaign only ran for two weeks, and despite its resounding success, there are many more stray cats in need of Hood Houses in South Korea, not to mention the rest of the world. So maybe this one-time project inspires someone to create a more permanent solution for homeless felines.


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