Husky Dog Raised around Cats Actually Acts Like One

Tally, a shy husky mix, is a dog with a difference. While most dogs chase cats, Tally prefers to behave like one. Well, she can’t be blamed for it – she was raised around cats so, you know how it goes, doggy see, doggy do.

Redditor Dong_of_justice, recently put up photographs of the insanely adorable dog. She can be seen sitting around the house with her legs tucked under her body, and hanging out under the dining table or in boxes. And she never barks – the poor thing probably doesn’t even know that she can.


Tally (a.k.a Tao Tao, which means ‘mischievous’ in Chinese) is now an online celebrity, with her cute pictures being shared many times over. The owner, who also goes by ‘xlinnea’ on the image sharing site Imgur, wrote: “She was raised with cats by her previous owners, and they only gave me puppy pictures without the cats. I can’t prove she was raised with them or that she truly thinks she is a cat.”


Tally ignores other dogs and she misses hanging out with cats. “I would get stopped a lot on the streets just to be told how beautiful she was,” wrote the owner. “Usually wouldn’t be able to hear it all before she’d drag me away.”


And Tally has other quirks as well. “She’s almost completely mute,” wrote the owner. “She likes to lie there, observing people and silently judging them all day. She’s not allowed to go upstairs, but she’ll try and sneak up one stair at a time. You can usually tell how badly she wants you to come downstairs by how far she’s gone upstairs.” She’s also “lazy but flexible, so she’ll twist her head around to check what’s going on. Typical cat.”


Dogs usually love it when you pet their bellies, but not Tally. “She’ll stare at you and sigh a lot until you stop,” her owner says.


I don’t know about you, but I think Tally’s a lot cuter than regular cats. I’m not much of a cat-lover but Tally just steals your heart, doesn’t she?


Photos: xlinnea/Imgur

Source: Reddit

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