Inexplicably Green Cat Turns Heads in Bulgaria

A purring feline in the Bulgarian seaside resort town of Varna has been making headlines because of its unusually emerald green fur. Although several theories have tried to explain the radioactive color of the stray animal, the true cause of its coloration remains a mystery.

The ‘green cat of Bulgaria’, as the brightly colored feline has come to be known online, was spotted prowling the streets of Varna a few days ago, and as soon as photos of it appeared on the internet, it became an international news topic. Truth be told, it’s not every day that you get to see a real-life emerald cat, and the inexplicable cause of its bizarre color simply made the topic even more intriguing.

According to some sources, until not too long ago, the stray feline only displayed a hint of green on its fur, but gradually grew greener until attaining the bright emerald color you see below. This makes the original assumption that vandals had dyed its fur green as a cruel joke, unlikely. Before this report from local eye witnesses came to light, Bulgarian animal lovers had even set up a Facebook page entitled “Punishment to the perpetrator of this criminal act!”


Photo: YouTube

The various news agencies that covered this unusual news eventually reported the explanation for the cat’s unusual color was that it has been sleeping on an abandoned pile of synthetic green paint, in a garage. However, the mentioned pile does is not shown in any of the videos of the green cat, and it doesn’t really explain the perfect distribution of the coloring on the cat’s body.


And just in case you were wondering, the emerald green color is showing no sign of wearing off. In fact, it has been reported that it’s becoming stronger with each passing day.

via The Independent

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