Introducing Rex Specs – Protective Sunglasses for Dogs

A dog-loving couple from Wyoming have invented a revolutionary new product in canine care – doggy protective sunglasses. The sporty goggles are meant to shield dogs’ eyes from intense sunlight and other harmful effects that can cause eye problems. Priced at $79.95 a pair, ‘Rex Specs’ are made with polycarbonate lenses and a soft foam frame that snugly fits on the muzzle so that dogs can freely open their mouths.

Aiden Doane, 31, and Jesse Emilo, 33, said they got the idea for Rex Specs after their own dogs developed eye ailments because of extensive hiking in the mountains in Jackson, Wyoming. Their German Shepherd got Pannus – an eye inflammation caused by UV rays, while their fair-skinned husky suffered from chronic sunburn around the eyes. The couple realised that protective gear could have prevented the ailments, but they couldn’t find high-quality goggles specially designed for canine use.


“The options for eye protection at the time didn’t stay in place, or offer a large field of view,” Doane said. “This was discouraging when we took the dogs into the mountains for the adventures they love – so we started making our own goggles for them out of materials we had around the house.”


That’s how they ended up creating Rex Specs, a product that effectively protects the eyes from sunlight, dust, and strong wind. It has round lenses for a full range of view and straps that hold the glasses firmly, yet comfortably, in place.  Less disciplined dogs might take time to get adjusted to Rex Specs, and may even try to shake the glasses off, but with time and training, every dog can be taught to wear them.


“When introduced properly, and methodically, the dog will adjust and grow comfortable with them,” Doane said. “However, to help them stay on, and in place, the strap system holds the goggles securely to their face.” The current Rex Specs models are more suited for larger breeds of dogs, weighing between 30 and 100lbs, but they’re working on a model for smaller dogs.


“Since founding Rex Specs, our goal has been to develop and provide a protective K9 eyewear that can stand up to the level of activity we enjoy with our dogs,” the company website states. The glasses have already been adopted by the US military to protect the eyes of their K9s.



Photos: Rex-Specs/Facebook

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