Kindhearted Man Buys Turtles from the Food Market to Release Them into the Ocean

A kindhearted man recently melted the hearts of millions after saving two majestic sea turtles from the food market and returning them safely into the ocean.Arron Culling, from New Zealand, recently posted photographs of the rescue operation on Facebook, describing how he and a co-worker purchased the turtles for about US$33, and then released them back into their natural habitat.

“Found these at the local market got them for 50 bucks drove 5km up the road and let them go,” Culling posted along with the photographs, which have now been shared over 85,000 times. He also revealed that these aren’t the first turtles he’s set free – he’s bought and released at least 10 in the past, along with his co-worker.


Inspired by the overwhelming response he has received on social media, Aaron started a Facebook page called ‘Turtlepower’, dedicated to saving the “amazing creatures from being eaten.” The comments and reactions he’s getting are overwhelmingly positive, with people offering to send him donations so he can set more turtles free.


“If you want to do it again – I’ll send you $50,” one commenter wrote.

Another wrote: “You have a heart of gold. God will bless you and your family.”


“Karma will come back to you when you least expect it Uncle Arron and it will be amazing,” his own niece commented.


Photos: Aaron Culling/Facebook

via The Dodo

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