Loyal Dog Refuses to Leave Hospital Where His Owner Died Eight Months Ago

Ever since his owner was taken to the Ruth Cardoso Hospital in Santa Catarina, Brazil, a young black dog named Negão has been patiently waiting outside the building for  him to walk out. Even though the man died of sepsis soon after his admission, the story of Negão’s loyalty has touched the heart of millions around the world.

It all started late last year when the dog’s owner, a homeless man, was taken to the hospital after developing an infection that would later prove fatal. Medical staff reported that Negão ran alongside the ambulance all the way to the hospital, watched his favorite human be carried inside and waited outside for his return. He has been waiting outside the building ever since, not knowing that the eagerly awaited reunion with his owner will never happen. Every time an ambulance arrives, the dog’s ears perk up and he follows it to see if it is carrying his master, as it did many months ago.


Photo: Luiz Souza/RBS TV

It wasn’t long before hospital staff noticed Negão’s constant presence outside the hospital, and after hearing his tragic story, they started caring for him, bringing him food and water, as well as making sure he had shelter from the elements. On two occasions, families impressed by his loyalty attempted to adopt him, but both times he managed to escape from their homes and returned to the hospital to resume his vigil. Since then, the hospital stopped trying to find him new owners and instead started working with an animal charity  to make sure that he was well taken care of until he was ready to move on.


Photo: Luiz Souza/RBS TV

“He will stay here with us until he decides if he wants to leave or not,” hospital official Giselle Bianchi said. “As long as he remains here, we will give all the care, warmth and love he needs.” She adds that many employees have accepted Negão as part of their family and have dedicated all their spare time to him. They regularly go out to feed and pet him, and he has also been neutered and vaccinated.


Photo: Luiz Souza/RBS TV

Despite suffering a heavy loss, Negão’s future seems bright.

Source: G1 Globo via The Dodo