Meet Penelope Popcorn, the Most Fashionable Pig on the Internet

You’d expect any pig named ‘Penelope Popcorn’ to be adorable. And this one-year-old from California does not disappoint. The stylish swine has become an internet sensation after her owner posted photographs of her posing in a range of interesting outfits. Penelope is very popular online, especially on Instagram, where she has over 40,000 followers.

“She has been dressed up and had her nails painted since she was a baby, so she doesn’t mind wearing outfits and posing for pictures,” said the owner. “She is very patient.” Penelope lives with a mother and her two kids and has truly become one of the ladies. The purebred Juliana pig apparently enjoys playing dress-up. She’s also potty trained and can perform a variety of tricks.

In the photographs, Penelope is often seen dressed in a range of swanky headgear shaped like flowers, bows, butterflies, angel wings, and even party hats. One of her most adorable pictures shows her dressed like a little pink bunny – I can see why people are going crazy over this stuff. There’s another one where she’s dressed like a bumblebee. She can be seen sporting sweatshirts too, but the animal disguises are the most popular.


“She actually enjoys the photo shoots, since she gets treats – she likes headbands with flowers and bows the most, as they aren’t restrictive, but she also likes a warm, cozy sweater when it’s cold outside,” the owner said. “My teenage son and daughter came up with the idea to make an Instagram account during Christmas break. It was their project, and thought it might be fun to show other people how cute she was with her routines and outfits and sweet personality.”


Penelope gets a lot of love on her Instagram account – the kids write all the posts from the pig’s point of view. In one of her pictures, she wrote: “I’m considering auditioning as a show girl, maybe that’s why I was born with permanent stilettos for feet!” She also takes part in all sorts of trends on the social networking website. Like for Throwback Thursday (where users post old photographs of themselves), fans got to see pictures of Penelope as a six-week old piglet.


“We never thought she would have such a tremendous following – 43,000 people from all over the world love our sweet little piggy,” said the owner.




Photos: Instagram

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