‘Pet Psychic’ Claims She Can Communicate with Animals, Both Alive And Dead, Despite Being Allergic to Them

Researchers have long been looking for ways to communicate with animals, but one ‘pet psychic’ from upstate New York claims she’s been doing just that for around 15 years. For a fee, she can tell pet owners what their animals are thinking, what they like and dislike, regardless of whether they’re alive or dead.

One of the most interesting things about Shira Plotzker’s career as a pet psychic is how it began a decade and a half ago. She was already working as a psychic and medium for humans, and was also well versed in tarot card reading and numerology, but while watching pet psychic Sonya Fitzpatrick display her talents during a TV show on Animal Planet, Shira realized that she too could hear what the animal was thinking. Imagine that… Since then, telepathic communication with pets – both alive and dead – has become a lucrative side business for Plotzker, who claims that there are plenty of pet owners who would gladly pay her fee of $100 per 30-minute session to hear what their animals have to say.

Photo: KatinkavomWolfenmond/Pixabay

“The dog that started to talk to her, started to talk to me,” Shira recalled about the first time she realized she could tap into the same frequency as fellow pet psychic Sonya Fitzpatrick. “He told me he thought it was a lot of fun to be on TV! And he was very proud of himself for doing so good.”

Plotzker started advertising her services as a pet psychic on her website, Shira’s Place, and people started paying for telepathy sessions over the phone, inviting her to dog shows and farms, and even attending her lectures on communicating with animals. Fast forward 15 years, and business is booming like never before, as more and more pet owners turn to her for a wide variety of reasons – help locating their lost pet, diagnosing their animals’ illnesses, and even communicating with their dead pets. Yes, death is apparently not an issue when it comes to telepathy.

Dog owners make up the largest part of Shira Plotzker’s clientele, but during her long career as a pet psychic she has communicated with many species, including horses, wolves, elephants and eve snakes. She claims she was once invited to speak to police dogs, but adds that the police are not allowed to endorse her.

Another interesting thing about Shira is that she is actually allergic to animals, which is why she prefers to conduct her sessions over the phone. Distance, like death, is apparently not an obstacle when it comes to pet telepathy, and she told the New Jersey Herald that she considers her allergy an advantage.

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“I think it really sets appropriate limits,” she said. “Otherwise, I’d go up and hug (them). And if I had a pet now, I would never leave the house.”

Without going into too much detail about how she is able to communicate with virtually any animal, Shira Plotzker makes it clear that she doesn’t actually hear animal voices. Instead, she receives telepathic message from them, in “a very animated child’s voice”. As for how different species compare to each other, the pet psychic says dogs are the best communicators, cats mainly care about themselves and snakes are a lot more interesting than most people think.

“If I had to talk to cats all the time, that would not be as much fun,” Shira told the New York Times. “They’re mostly into themselves, how they look or how nice their fur is and how they compare with other cats. Dogs can talk about pretty much anything. Cats are more particular about what they want to talk about, and it’s mostly about themselves.”

If you’re thinking that all this pet telepathy stuff is mumbo-jumbo, you’re definitely not the only one, but pet communicators like Shira Plotzker have managed to make believers out of some skeptics by offering strangely accurate readings.


For example, Dr Aleda Cheng, a New Jersey-based veterinarian, told The Guardian that when she first started practicing she was very skeptic about pet communicators, but since then there have been several occasions when their advice has proved accurate.

“I had a cat who was having a breathing problem and the owner spoke to an animal communicator, who said the cat needed acupuncture,” Cheng said. The areas indicated by the pet psychic proved very effective in treating the animal’s condition.

One of Plotzker’s clients also said that she was shocked by how accurate the pet psychic’s readings turned out to be: “We’d just got a new dog and she told me ‘your new dog loves going in the pool with your son but when your husband came home with a sprinkler he didn’t like that – he only likes the pool.'” All that proved to be true.

Shira says she has nothing against skepticism, in fact she welcomes it. “I keep on waiting for somebody to say that I’m full of it, it’s too bizarre not to be true.” That doesn’t really make sense to me, but ok…