Russian Hachiko Waits for His Master to Get Off Work Every Day

People passing by the Mega shopping center in the Russian city of Kaliningrad every day have gotten used to the blue sweater-wearing husky calmly waiting for something or someone on the cold pavement. He’s been dubbed the Russian Hachiko and the comparison actually makes some sense.

The clean blue sweater that the Russian Hachiko wears every day is a clear indication that he is not some stray, but just to make sure people don’t chase him away, his owner, a woman named Svetlana, always hangs a hand-written home next to the dog explaining that he is simply waiting for her to get off work so they can go home together. Apparently, the dog howls from morning til dusk if left alone in his owner’s apartment, so she prefers to take him with her in the morning, and leaves him outside the Mega shopping center, where he waits for like a good boy.

Photo: Alexander Podgorchuk /

The sweater-wearing pooch recently caught the attention of Kaliningrad publication, whose journalists caught up with his master to learn his story. She refused to reveal her pet’s name to the press for fear that people may use it to lure the animal away, but said that she makes sure to visit the dog every chance she gets while at work, and spends her entire 40-minute lunch break with him, feeding him and taking him for a long walk. When she gets off work, they head home together.

“We live in a rented communal apartment. I can’t leave him alone, ​​the neighbours say that he howls without me from morning to evening. There is a seven-month-old child and a grandmother living next door to us. If he howls, we will be kicked out,” Svetlana said. “We found a way, he feels quite comfortable.”

Photo: Alexander Podgorchuk /

Experts agree that leaving the dog outside for hours on end shouldn’t be a problem, as huskies actually endure cold temperatures very well. Being outside for so long is actually beneficial for him, as it gives him a chance to interact with people and other dogs.

Svetlana describes her pet as loyal, loving and smart. He wants to be by her side all the time, sleeps in the same bed, and starts licking her face every morning as soon as the alarm clock goes off.

Photo: Alexander Podgorchuk /

The story of the Russian Hachiko went viral in Russia last week, and has already transcended borders, with translations in French and Japanese as well.

When it comes to canine loyalty, we’ve featured some pretty amazing stories over the years, from the legendary Capitan, the German shepherd who spent years waiting by his owner’s grave, to other versions of Hachiko, like the Argentinian Hachiko who waited outside the police station where his master was arrested for a year, or the Greek Hachiko who has been waiting by his owner’s car crash site for over two years now.

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