Self-Taught Horse Whisperer Shares a Magical Bond with the Majestic Creatures

Martin Tatta, from Argentina, is a self-trained ‘horse whisperer’. The 33-year-old ‘gaucho’ – the Argentinian version of the cowboy -has a remarkable gift for understanding horses – he can get the four-legged beauties to do his bidding with a delicate touch, friendly coaxing, cuddles, and kisses.

“It is something that comes natural to me,” he said. “Nobody taught me, it just came out. There is no struggle with the animal. This is a very soft job, very, very soft.” In fact, Martin is so tender with horses that many people have been reduced to tears while watching him.


Photo: Areco Tradicion

Born and raised on a farm in the town of San Antonio de Areco, Martin Tatta has lived and worked with horses all his life. His unique talent was exposed to the world 11 years ago, when a rancher happened to watch him taming horses without the use of any force. So at the rancher’s suggestion, he began performing for tourists from all over the world.



Although his equestrian connection seems magical, Martin insists that anyone can do what he does – all it takes is some patience and love. But all those who have watched him interact with horses know that he is truly a natural. He is living proof that the taming of an animal need not be a violent affair.


Photo source unknown (via La Voz)

Doma India, the aboriginal art of taming horses without violence, has several practitioners in Argentina, but no one can do what Martin can. You just have to see this man in action to truly appreciate the magical bond he has with horses.


Source: El Nuevo Herald/AP

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