Snoopybabe, the Cute Flat-Faced Cat Taking the Chinese Internet by Storm

Do you think mastering social media is hard? Apparently, it’s so easy even a cat can do it. Snoopybabe is China’s new internet sensation with 275,000 followers on Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter and 190,000 fans on Instagram.  Hailing from the Sichuan Province, Snoopybabe, an American short-hair and Persian crossbreed, has taken the Chinese interwebs by storm with his cute short snout, innocent brown eyes and charming outfits.

His owner, Miss Ning started posting pictures of Snoopybabe a while back to show him off to her friends. She did not expect the huge attention the two-year old cat attracted. As she posted more videos and pictures of him in different poses and dressed in colorful clothing accessorized with elegant neck pieces, his popularity grew exponentially. He soon reached the same popularity level as already well-established felines such as Tardar Sauce aka Grumpy Cat or Maru. These adorable kitties have become irresistible even to big cat food companies such as Friskies which named Grumpy as their spokescat this month.


It’s no secret that cats are the most popular animals on the net but Snoopy is one of a kind. Miss Ning explains that his “pie face” and his sad wide eyes are his best features. To enhance Snoopy’s innocent gloomy face and Grumpy’s mean expression, internet users have even placed the two together in various internet memes and shared them on numerous social platforms. Snoobybabe even has his own Facebook page, where his avid fans can browse through dozens of cute photos.




















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