“Terminator” Dog Escapes Its Enclosure, Kills Over 600 Chickens in One Night

A pet husky recently got his owner in trouble after escaping its enclosure, going into a neighboring farm and spending an entire night killing chickens.

Chinese media reports that the owner of a chicken farm in Ningguo, China’s Anhui province, burst into tears on the morning of October 29, after going to check on the birds and finding the coop littered with lifeless bodies. The first thoughts that went through his mind were that someone had killed most of his chickens out of spite, or that some wild animal had made its way inside and decimated the birds. But after checking around his farm for clues, the man actually found the perpetrator – his neighbor’s husky dog with a dead chicken in its mouth.

After tying up the dog, the angry farmer went straight to his neighbor and demanded that he be compensated for the over 600 chickens that the husky had killed, but the two men failed to agree on the sum, so the police were called to handle the situation. After assessing the damages, officers told the dog owner to pay his neighbor 13,000 yuan ($1,900) in damages if he wanted to avoid being taken to court. The man reluctantly agreed.

Apparently, the owner of the husky knew about its destructive streak, so he kept it in a locked enclosure, but that night the dog managed to escape and went straight to the neighboring chicken farm where it went on a killing spree.

While a body count of over 600 is definitely impressive for a single night, killing chickens is definitely not unusual for huskies. Canine training experts say that this breed has a very high prey drive and should not be kept around birds or rabbits, especially if the dog was not raised around them. Huskies are also known as great escape artists, which explains how this particular dog escaped its enclosure.  Training huskies is considered a challenge because they are strong-willed, independent creatures.

via TwoEggz (Chinese)

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