These Cat Anti-Scratching Boots Look More Like Feline Torture Devices

If you’ve been looking for a way to prevent your pet cat from scratching you whenever you try to bathe or groom it, maybe try these bizarre anti-scratching boots. Don’t expect your beloved pet to thank you, though.

The first time I saw these adjustable anti-scratching boots for cats on Chinese online marketplace Aliexpress, I thought they were a prank, but it turns that they are a real product designed to help pet owners seal off their cats’ paws and prevent scratching completely. They are supposed to be used for certain situations like bathing, nail clipping or visits to the vet, but I know a few people crazy enough to leave these plastic contraptions on for long periods of time just to make sure their cat doesn’t ruin the living room sofa.

As you can see in the photos, these plastic anti-scratching boots go one the cat’s paws and can be fastened thanks to a built-in vise system to ensure that the animal doesn’t shake them off. The product description advises shoppers not to tighten the vise too much, but leave them too loose and they’ll just fly right off when the cats starts thrashing.

There’s really not much more to say about these things, as the pictures pretty much speak for themselves. Judging by the faces of the feline models in these promotional pics, I think it’s safe to say cats are not big fans of these things.

I couldn’t find any customer feedback on Aliexpress, but I did find one interesting 1-star review on Amazon: “Seriously, folks, if you buy these for your cat, you should NOT have a cat in the first place. What, is the 2018 version of bound feet?” That sums up how I feel about the anti-scratching boots for cats.