Twinkle Tush – A Bejeweled Accessory That Hides Your Cat’s Bare Derriere

Constantly having to look at your cat’s butt comes with the territory when you’e a pet owner. Luckily, however, now you don’t have to, thanks to a little accessory called Twinkle Tush.

Some people are apparently put off by the sight of a cat’s bare derriere, but now you can just cover that sucker up with some fake bling. Introducing the Twinkle Tush, a plastic jewel that hangs around the base of the feline’s tail and covers its butt. It was introduced to the world on July 8th, when the makers of Cat Crib, a cat hammock that attaches to chair legs, released a video of felines wearing the Twinkle Tush.Cats are usually don’t like it when you mess with their tales and will do anything to remove whatever you attach to them, but they seemed oddly comfortable wearing this concealing piece of plastic.


Still, as effective as it looked, everyone was convinced it was just a joke. Although the Cat Crib website clearly stated that Twinkle Tush was a real product – a gag gift, but still one you could actually buy – when you would try to order one, you would be redirected to the cat crib hammock. However, that turned out to be just a coding error, one that was eventually fixed, allowing interested cat lovers to purchase the Twinkle Tush cat butt cover, for $6.


As stupid or funny as it may seem, you should know that this not a new idea. Someone thought about beautifying pet’s bare behinds years ago – the product was called “Rear Gear” and it was basically a sticker that came in various shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, it’s no longer available for purchase, so it probably wasn’t as successful as it creators had hoped, but it also means less competition for Twinkle Tush.


Twinkle Tush via Mashable

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