Russian Developer Transforms Boeing 737 Jet into a Stunning Luxury Villa

Located atop a cliff on the Indonesian island of Bali, 150 meters above sea level, the stunning Private Jet Villa by Hanging Gardens is probably the world’s most beautifully converted Boeing 737 jet.

Converting retired airplanes isn’t new. We’ve seen them transformed into homes, restaurants, or even museums, but what developer Felix Demin managed to do with a Boeing 737 on the island of Bali is truly unprecedented. He managed to convert the giant aircraft into a luxurious two-bedroom villa perched atop a cliff overlooking the iconic Bali coastline. The project has been three years in the making, and involved several logistic challenges, from transporting the jet to its breathtaking location to the conversion itself. Luckily, Demin managed to overcome these hurdles and today, the Private Jet Villa by Hanging Gardens is one of the most sought-after accommodations on the Indonesian island, despite its steep nightly rates.

Photo: Private Jet Villa by Hanging Gardens 

“Even before buying it, I thought that it was possible to convert it into some kind of unique object, and decided to concentrate on creating a villa,” Demin told CNN. “I want people to experience the ‘wow effect’ from every second of being in this unusual place.”

Originally a part of the now-defunct Mandala Airlines fleet, the Boeing 737 was actually on Bali Island when Demin bought it from an Indonesian investor, but it still needed to be transported to its current location. Just planning the moving operation took two months, and, after consulting with Boeing, his team decided to take the aircraft apart so it could be transported on Bali’s notoriously narrow roads.

Photo: Private Jet Villa by Hanging Gardens 

“We had to take it apart after consulting with the Boeing team, we loosened 50,000 bolts,” the Russian businessman said, adding that the five days it took to actually move the plane to its clifftop location were coupled to the most sleepless nights he has ever had.

“The fact is that Bali has very narrow roads and a lot of wires that hang quite low,” Demin explained. “We had a group of people who used special equipment to raise the wires higher so that the plane would not touch them during transportation.”

Photo: Private Jet Villa by Hanging Gardens 

Converting the jet into a unique vill was a challenge in itself, as some of Demin’s plans proved too bold for most contractors, but he eventually got his way and the Private Jet Villa by Hanging Gardens turned out exactly like in his original plans. The cockpit was converted into a stylish bathroom with views of the sky and ocean, while one of the wings was turned into a terrace surrounded by an invisible glass barrier.

The villa’s precarious location raises safety concerns, but Felix Demin stresses that the aircraft has been through numerous safety checks and meets safety regulations, including a barrier installed on the rock sustaining it.

Photo: Private Jet Villa by Hanging Gardens 

The Private Jet Villa by Hanging Gardens has been open for business since April of 2023, but it recently went viral on social media, thanks to a promotional video shot on location by Balitecture, showcasing its ingenious design and stunning views. Prices reportedly start at $1,600 per night, but packages go all the way up to $7,000. It is a one-of-a-kind experience if you can afford it.

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