Artist Carves 12,000 Holes into Chicken Egg, Sets New Record

Hamit Hayran, Turkey’s number one egg carving artist, recently set a new world record for the most number of holes carved into a single chicken egg, 12,000.

It’s hard to imagine how anyone could puncture a chicken egg, even a big one, tens of thousands of times, but 62-year-old Hamit Haryran is an expert at it. After becoming disabled in 1988, due to an occupational accident, he dedicated most of his time to egg-shell carving, and has since become one of the most celebrated egg carving artists in the world. Apart from creating some stunning artworks, he has also been actively chasing the record for most holes punctured into a single egg. He first broke it when he carved  8,708 holes, beating the record of a Pakistani artist, then with 11,827 holes, and this last time with a whopping 12,000.

Photo: Anadolu Agency

“I previously beat a Pakistani artist’s record of 7,500 holes with my 8,708 holes. Now I beat my own record with 11,827 holes,” Hamit Hayran told Anadolu Agency.

The experienced artist apparently spent a year breaking his own record. Although he didn’t reveal the technique he used to make sure the egg shell didn’t fall apart as he punctured it 12,000 times, Hayran did say that he started out by emptying the contents of the egg with a syringe.


Hayran was the first Turk in the World Egg Carving Art Encyclopedia, and is also a member of the World Egg Carving Art Foundation.

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