At Disneyland Even Janitors Can Create Magic

A former Disney World janitor, who now goes by ‘TheVantasy’ on Reddit, recently put up photographs of the amazing street art she created while she worked at the theme park. Her art mainly consisted of portraits of Disney characters. And the only tools she ever needed were a wet broom and a bucket of water!

According to TheVantasy, she wasn’t the only one who created these beautiful drawings that the kids love so much – several janitors at Disneyland and Disney World are apparently known for creating water art. They’re even given special training if they are interested in the art form. TheVantasy herself got interested just before she left in 2012. “I once visited Disneyland and saw the local custodians doing water art and I asked if I could try. They didn’t know I was from Disney World,” she wrote.


Later, she would practice for hours after dark, until she perfected 15 to 20 different characters. “I can do Mickey and Donald in just a few seconds,” she wrote. “Things like Simba, however, took a few minutes. At first I was doing it because it was more fun than, y’know, cleaning, but then I realized how much guests really liked it. I cried on my last day because I drew Minnie Mouse for a little girl who hugged me to say thank you because she didn’t speak English.”


It’s nice to know that janitors at Disneyland aren’t just janitors – they get to exercise their creativity at work as well. They each have a signature character that the other janitors can’t do, and it seems that they regularly compete against each other as well: “Sometimes for fun, we would go up against each other in ‘drawing battles’ and let the audience decide who wins,” TheVantasy wrote.





Photos: Reddit

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