Company Uses Optical Illusion Floor Tiles to Prevent People Running Through Its Hallway

Casa Ceramica, a floor tile company from the UK, recently went viral on Twitter after creating an impressive optical illusion out of 400 floor tiles to discourage people from running through its hallway.

It’s not clear why anyone would be running through the hallway of a floor tile showroom, but they’re sure to think twice about doing it after taking a look at the floor ahead of them. Even though its designers assure us that it is perfectly flat, seen from a certain perspective, it looks like there is a big hole in the middle of it. Interestingly enough, seen from the opposite end, the hole actually looks like a bulge rising up from the floor. Both illusions are sure to prevent visitors from navigating the path at too fast a pace.

The mind-boggling floor first went viral after a photo of it was posted on Reddit, by user 9999monkeys, and from there it went on to catch a lot of attention on Twitter. Duncan Cook, the owner of Manchester-based Casa Ceramica, ceased the opportunity to advertise his company and posted several more photos from different angles, as well as short clips of himself navigating the seemingly precarious hallway.

Apart from discouraging visitors from running through their hallway, Casa Ceramica told INSIDER that “the inspiration was to create an entrance themed on illusions and exceed expectations of how tiles can be used”.


“It gets some funny looks. However, the effect is greatly enhanced through a camera,” Casa Ceramica sales administrator Harry Molyneaux told TODAY. “The floor is completely flat and safe to walk over.”

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