French Artist Creates Amazing Portraits from Liquid, Solid and Powdered Foods

World, meet Vivi Mac, an amazing artist from France who can use virtually any kind of food to create detailed celebrity portraits. Although she has yet to display her ephemeral masterpieces in an proper art gallery, Vivi Mac has already made a name for herself online.

We’ve featured some amazing food artists on Oddity Central in the past, but none quite like this one. Karen Eland is a master coffee painter, Elisabetta Rogai uses wine as her medium, Kelly McCollam uses spices and food coloring to recreate classic paintings, but the self-taught Vivi Mac can take anything from chewing gum, to milk or crème brûlée and turn it  into an awe-inspiring portrait.  When working with liquids, Mac uses a simple plastic straw and her hands to guide the unusual mediums around a plastic tray which acts as a canvas. Just how she manages to capture the finest facial features is still a mystery to me, and I’ve seen videos of her doing it dozens of times.


Bruce Lee in milk

Vivi Mac has never attended art school. She only used online resources like blogs and Facebook to learn the basics of drawing and painting. She started out working with pen and paper, but soon realized drawing just wasn’t creative enough for her. She got into speed painting and body painting, posting videos of her work on YouTube, but it wasn’t until she began experimenting with various foods that her art got serious coverage. Photos and videos of her edible celebrity portraits, like Bruce Lee in milk, Ice Cube in crushed ice or Amy Winehouse in wine, went viral on the French inter-webs and transforming Vivi Mac into an online celebrity.



Ice Cube in crushed ice and salt


Master Yoda in chewing gum


The Mona Lisa in barbecue sauce


Will Smith in condensed milk


Lauryn Hill in caramel


Gandhi in chocolate drink


Jack Sparrow in rum


Eminem in honey

Photos: Vivi Mac/Facebook

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