German Artist Creates Photorealistic Oil Paintings

Hyperrealistic paintings are always awe-inspiring, and the works of German artist Mike Dargas are no exception. His precise paintings are so rooted in reality that it’s easy to mistake them for real-life photographs. In his artworks, the 31-year-old artist from Cologne depicts human models in a plethora of emotions – lost in thought or internal conflict, or simply relaxed and radiating a heavenly grace.

Mike has been painting since childhood, and developed his talents by later attending art school. He worked as a tattoo artist in his early twenties, and eventually opened his own studio in Cologne. Inspired by artists such as Dali, Breton and H. R. Giger, he began to experiment with surrealism and realism.


His paintings slowly evolved, and he mastered the technique of creating photorealistic portraits that evoke a sense of intimacy. He usually replicates photographs of human models – male and female, young and old, beautiful and dark, fragile people.







You could view more of his amazing artworks on Instagram and Facebook.

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